PoE Harbinger Positives

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PoE Harbinger Positives

Сообщение poetips » 09 май 2018, 11:53

It's been 9 months since Harbinger League debuted alongside 3.0. People were thoroughly underwhelmed by it after playing Breach and Legacy for such a long time before its debut. Mobs spawned too slow, there was no danger, and all the shards seemed too tedious for most players to collect. It quickly earned the nickname "Garbinger" and despite density and monster summoning buffs, couldn't shed its nickname during the league.

Now after abyss and 2 months of Bestiary we're seeing harbingers again regularly as part of Flashback (They were available with Zana 8 in bestiary but costly to run). I think Harbingers were given too bad a shake their first time around. Were they breaches? No, nothing is ever going to be breaches again, but they were a lot better than some of the other league mechanics we've had.

Harbinger positives:
More currency - no matter how you shake it, more currency is always good, people run mf builds for the quant because of the currency drops. More currency drops, despite not particularly large ones, help provide income to newer players who aren't as good at selling rares they find during maps

Atlas Navigation - trying to fill the Atlas out in Abyss was a nightmare. Maps you needed never dropped and maps that did drop seemed to be few and of lower tiers despite how much of your Atlas was filled out. Horizon orbs being an easy to acquire recipe in Bestiary helped immensely with filling out the giant atlas while not making it too easy to only farm the map you want. Harbinger orb drop rates were nerfed appropriately because they were probably too powerful.

The Beachead - No explanation needed.

So all in all I think GGG should consider bringing them back to the core game like Breach is now as map only. If you also want to participate in this game, be sure to go to U4GM to collect more currency, because we are here to ease your fears that our cheap PoE Trade Currency is too good to be true! We feel that we offer the very best prices when it comes to cheap PoE items for trade.
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