Rubber Plant's Active Growing Season and other issues

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Rubber Plant's Active Growing Season and other issues

Сообщение spadekevin » 21 июн 2018, 11:46


When is a rubber plant's active growing season? I've had the same problem for 3 years with my rubber plant. It's in a huge pot and well-drained, but has continued to drop leaves the whole time I've had it until about 3 months ago. I was watering it once a week and then stopped doing that and then the leaves quit falling off after I started neglecting it. I moved it outdoors to my partially-shaded porch, and here in Georgia the temp has been getting up to the 90s. Finally, new growth is on the top of the "branches" and they look like they're going to stick around, but the bare stems which are about 2 feet look terrible. I would like to cut each of them off and start from about an inch at the bottom, and save the top part in another pot, but I don't want to kill the whole thing by doing it at the wrong time. By the way, I also put an ivy plant in the pot because I learned from experience that they don't like much water at all, so I judge the watering times by how they look. Any input would be grateful. I don't know what air-layering is and I have no success at doing anything complicated with plants.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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