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JINAN Heren Nike Air Max 2018 Elite Zwart Wit Kopen , Nov. 17 (Xinhua) -- Volunteers in east China's Jinan city are raising funds via social media to buy 7.5 tons of cat food, which they say will be enough to feed 1,000 stray cats through three months of winter.

The fundraising was inspired by similar campaigns held earlier in other Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shijiazhuang Nike Air Max Flair Kopen , according to Zhao Wen, a volunteer.

Temperatures dropped dramatically across large parts of China on Friday. Many cities in the north are seeing temperatures below freezing for the first time this year.

Through a shop on WeChat, China's dominant messaging app Nike Air Max 1 Master Kopen , concerned citizens can pay for the cat food to be delivered to a Jinan-based warehouse, where volunteers will pick up the food to feed stray cats on the streets.

Receipts, photos and videos documenting the cat food delivery will be published online to ensure efficient and transparent use of funds Nike Air Max 96 Kopen , Zhao said.

Zhao and some other volunteers in Jinan regularly pay out of their own pocket to provide food and shelter for stray animals, but they are unable to afford large-scale feedings.

Starting November 6, volunteers raised 24 Nike Air Max 97 Undefeated Kopen ,000 yuan (3,621 U.S. dollars) in ten days, which can buy 1.5 tons of cat food Nike Air Max 98 Kopen , Zhao said, adding that a cat food vendor is also extending help by giving a big discount on the price.

Winter is particularly hazardous for stray cats, as they have to withstand the chill with little food Nike Air VaporMax Kopen , volunteers say.

"On behalf of stray cats in this city, I'm asking for mercy," Zhao said. "Next year Nike Air Max 360 Kopen , I want to welcome the spring with them."

NAIROBI, Jan. 6 (Xinhua) -- Consumers in Kenya are bracing for higher electricity tariffs following failed rains in the October-December 2016 season that saw water levels in hydropower generation dams fall considerably.

The tariffs, which rose in December last year, are expected to sustain the upward trend as the Meteorological Department forecasts that dry weather conditions will prevail in most parts of the country in the coming months.

"The average retail tariffs slightly increased in December due to increase in fuel cost charge occasioned by a rise in petrol thermal power in the energy mix by three percent. This was mainly due to low water levels at Sondu-Miriu and Seven Forks dams necessitating running of petrol based thermal power plants to cover the short-fall," said the Energy Regulatory Commission in a statement Friday.

Kenya in 2015 injected 280 megawatts (MW) of cheaper geothermal energy to the national grid, pushing up installed capacity from 1,765 MW in June 2013 to 2,327 MW in December 2016.

The increase had reduced the country's reliance on expensive diesel generators, shifting the energy mix from 53 percent hydro, 25 percent thermal and 20 percent geothermal in 2013 to 41 percent hydro, 13 percent thermal and 40 percent geothermal in 2016.

The low level of water in hydropower plants has, however, affected generation from the source, prompting increased production from expensive thermal sources.

Last month, households that consumed 200 kilowatt hour (kWh) paid 34 U.S. dollars compared to 31 dollars in December 2012.

Fixed charge for domestic consumers during the month rose to 1.5 dollars from 1.2 dollars while the energy charge per kWh for those consuming above 50 units increased to 0.13 dollars from 0.08 dollars.

Analysts say a rise in electricity tariffs adds burden to consumers and sets them up for higher inflation, which now stands at 6.4 percent.

Already, Kenyans in the capital Nairobi and other urban centers are experiencing water shortages due to falling water levels in dams.

"Life is becoming tougher each day, the cost of transport, food items and education has gone up making things harder for people with large families like us. Last month I paid a bill of 40 dollars from 25 that I normally pay. While I blamed it on my five children who were home for holiday, it is now clear the higher tariffs were the major cause," banker Emmanuel Makuno, a Nairobi resident, said Friday.

The Ministry of Energy, however, has allayed fears of a rise in power tariffs in the coming months, saying the government is keen on lowering the tariffs.

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