Development situation of calcium carbonate powder processing

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Development situation of calcium carbonate powder processing

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The limestone in our country is wide in distribution and rich in reserve, plus the easy access to the calcium carbonate processing plant industry, the powder grinding equipment and powder making technology employed by common coarse calcium powder production companies are manufactured and designed in the 1970s, and some even are manufactured in the 1950s or the 1960s. Limited by the technical level at that time, these powder grinding machines are large in size, high in energy consumption, loud in noise and low in production efficiency.
With the changes in market demands, the calcium carbonate industrial pattern is also changing. The demands for high and low end products are shrinking, and the consumption amount of middle-end products increases significantly, and the rugby feature of the calcium carbonate powder processing industry becomes more and more obvious.
As an important filling material, the calcium carbonate powders can not only improve the quality of the plastics, rubber and coatings, but more importantly, greatly reduce the production cost of these materials. However, if the diameter of the calcium carbonate powder is too large, during the processing course of the plastic materials and rubber materials, the powders may crystallize, which will influence their quality.
Now the manufacturing and automatic control technology of large-sized energy-saving mechanical powder grinding mill has reached the international advanced level; the made-in-China equipment can not only manufacture nano-scale calcium carbonate powders, but the equipment is in complete set and the examination and maintenance and operational cost is low, thus realizing large-scale continuous production.
The calcium carbonate powder grinding mill manufactured by Hongxing Machinery includes high-pressure overhang roll mill which is able to process coarse powders and the granularity is between 100 to 400 Mesh; high pressure micro powder grinding mill which is able to process fine powders and the granularity is between 400 to 1000 Mesh; super fine powder grinding mill is able to process fine calcium carbonate and the granularity can reach 800-2000 Mesh, and these powder grinding mills adapt to the development and market demands of the present calcium carbonate industry.
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