Hornets fall short to Blue Devils in season opener

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Hornets fall short to Blue Devils in season opener

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Lisbon scored at least seven points in each quarter and held off the Hornets enroute to a 35-24 victory on opening night at Malvern.
The Hornets had a couple chances to score http://www.firestormkennel.com/kevin-johnson-jersey-c-1_27.html late in the fourth quarter, but failed to capitalize.
Trailing 28-16, Malvern moved the ball to the Lisbon 30 when quarterback Drew Hutchison threw a 69-yard pass to Jacob Foster. On third down from the 29-yard line, Hutchison’s pass was intercepted by Seth Stokes to kill the drive.
With just under seven minutes remaining in the game, the Hornets recovered a Blue Devil fumble on the 27-yard line. Four plays later Hutchison hit Austin Patterson for a touchdown. Patterson was successful on the two-point conversion to cut the margin to four points.
Lisbon had trouble with the snap on the next series, but scored with 1:30 left in the contest to stretch the lead to 35-24.
Malvern wasn’t finished yet.
The Hornets took the kickoff and marched to the Lisbon 28-yard line. Hutchison threw an incomplete pass that drew two penalty flags: illegal receiver downfield on the Hornets and pass interference on Lisbon.
With 54 ticks left on the clock, the Hornets lined up to replay first down at the 28. On third-and-10, Hutchison was flagged for intentional grounding. On the fourth down play, Malvern was flagged twice, resulting in an unsportmanlike conduct penalty and Lisbon took over with 17 seconds left in the game.
Lisbon scored on their first possession of the game when Camron Summers capped a 52-yard run with a touchdown. The extra point was good which gave Lisbon a 7-0 lead with 10:13 left in the first quarter.
Lisbon quarterback Logan Bell connected with Seth Stokes for a second Lisbon touchdown early in the second quarter. The extra point was good and Lisbon took a 14-0 lead.
Hutchison led the Hornets to first-and-goal on the 2-yard line midway through the second quarter. On third-and-goal on the one-yard line, Patterson http://www.newjersey1861.com/owa-odighizuwa-jersey-c-1_48.html scored. He also ran the ball in for the two-point conversion with 7:27 left in the half making the score 14-8.
With less than two minutes until half time, Lisbon’s Justin Sweeney scored on a 57 yard run. The extra point was good and the Blue Devils led 28-8 at the half.
At the start of the second half, the Blue Devils received the kick-off and had four quick downs before punting to the Hornets. While looking for a receiver, Drew Hutchison was sacked by Tyler Toot for a loss of seven yards. After two quick downs, the Hornets faced a fourth-and-25 and punted the ball.
On the first play of the drive, Lisbon fumbled and Malvern’s Sam Earl recovered. Unable to muster a first down, the Hornets punted. Lisbon was also unable to gain ground, and after Earl sacked Bell, they punted the ball.
The Hornets’ Charles McClure blocked the punt and Moser recovered the ball for a touchdown with 5:01 left in the third quarter. Foster took the ball in for the two point conversion making the score 28-16.
Hutchison was 11 for 31 for 186 yards and one interception. Patterson had 41 yards on 13 carries and caught a pass for 16 yards.
Foster hauled in two passes for 116 yards and Gavyn Potts caught four passes for 24 yards. Derk Hutchison carried the ball eight times for 23 yards.
Defensively for the Hornets, Christian Grimm had one solo tackle and 13 assists, Potts had six solo tackles and four assists and Sam Early had Tony Watson Womens Jersey two solo tackles, six assists and a tackle for a loss.
The Hornets host Bishop Rosecans Sept. 1 for a non-conference game. Kickoff is at 7 p.m.
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Re: Hornets fall short to Blue Devils in season opener

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