fiber board light weight, high strength

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fiber board light weight, high strength

Сообщение qizhen0809 » 20 мар 2018, 14:04

<p>inferior phenolic insulation board, not only can not fire, but also may contribute to the fire, resulting in loss of property and property, therefore, the purchase of phenolic insulation board is particularly important. Let's take a look at the quality of phenolic insulation board identification method. 1, the production is the use of fat foam production, the general use of such methods to produce the product is relatively low density, easy </p>
<p>to crisp, prone to chalking or dregs. 2, the other is the assembly line production, to do for the modified phenolic Paul warming board, is its phenolic resin and foam technology has been improved to produce a modified phenolic insulation board to some extent, to overcome their own chalking Dregs of the shortcomings, which modified phenolic insulation board density generally above 55KG. 3, in addition to the above </p>
<p>method of identification, we can also observe the appearance of phenolic insulation board, press the density by hand, breaking apart to see the toughness of the insulation board, hand rubbing it whether the powder dregs and other methods to identify the exterior phenolic Insulation board quality. 4, another time to buy insulation board must choose the regular manufacturers to buy, because these types of regular manufacturers, </p>
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Re: fiber board light weight, high strength

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