ultra-thin plates and super-thick plate

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ultra-thin plates and super-thick plate

Сообщение qizhen0809 » 20 мар 2018, 15:27

<p>proof performance is excellent. 3, thermal insulation and sound insulation Cement fiber board light weight, high strength, good toughness, low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation properties, high density, good sound insulation, to meet the requirements of various types of sound insulation walls and barriers. &amp; nbsp; &amp; nbsp; 4, high strength cement fiber board is not only high strength, but also not easy to </p>
<p>deformation, warpage; small weight, suitable for roof suspended floors and so on. 5, Simple construction Easy processing of cement board, quick construction, easy drilling, planing, sawing, sticking and other craft. Dry mode of operation, the installation of keel and plate construction is simple, fast. Deep-processing products also have the construction of simple and better performance characteristics. 6, Economical and </p>
<p>beautiful light, with the keel, effectively reduce the cost of engineering and decoration; appearance and color uniform, smooth surface, the direct use of building surface color can be uniform. &amp; nbsp; &amp; nbsp; 7, safe and harmless Cement fiber board does not contain asbestos and other harmful substances, will not produce toxic smoke when burned. 8, the long life of cement fiber board to improve the product dry shrinkage wet </p>
<p>the best patio plastic tile<br />
alternitive to decking boards<br />
simple and cheap way to do your floor</p>
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Re: ultra-thin plates and super-thick plate

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