fiber board light weight, high strength

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fiber board light weight, high strength

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<p>such as: mineral wool , Glass fiber and polystyrene. Moreover, its unique closed-cell nature and high resistance to gas diffusion make it excellent long-term insulating properties, its thermal insulation performance can last 20-50 years or more. 2, excellent corrosion resistance Polyurethane rigid foam closed-cell structure and the use of surface material, it has superior resistance to air and water vapor resistance, and it can be </p>
<p>formed in the mosaic connection structure, easy to assemble . It does not require extra moisture barrier and eliminates the need for many layers of insulation. These properties are other insulating materials can not have both. 3, wide, light, thin wall As polyurethane rigid foam also act as a structural material, making the overall structure has the advantages of light weight, large span, high load. Polyurethane foam has the best </p>
<p>thermal insulation properties compared to other insulation materials. Therefore, the thinner polyurethane sandwich panels can meet the relevant regulations on building energy consumption limits, thus allowing for the use of thinner panels during construction, saving space in the building. 4, stable quality, high production efficiency Today, the sharp rise in demand in the case of polyurethane sandwich panels factory production line, </p>
<p>plastic materials and house uses<br />
marine floor covering wood grain<br />
balcony railing cover</p>
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Re: fiber board light weight, high strength

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