decoration concepts to the Chinese market

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decoration concepts to the Chinese market

Сообщение xiao12345 » 17 апр 2018, 13:49

It's economical and quick to copy. Therefore, most people still use the scattered parts to assemble the stairs, rather than manufacturing the finished stairs. How to seize the opportunity Due to the price, the current foreign brand solid wood staircase products in the Chinese market share of only 5%.
However, since 2010, their sales have steadily increased. The domestic finished solid wood staircase also has an absolute share in the Chinese market. It should be further thought that foreign staircases and domestic finished staircases have already pushed their corporate culture and decoration concepts to the Chinese market.
The era of standardized production of Chinese stairs is also quietly gestating. For the Chinese staircase industry, the finished staircase is just starting to take off. To quickly occupy the market, strengthen the design team, and establish their own brand, it is imperative.
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Re: decoration concepts to the Chinese market

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