strengthen cooperation

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strengthen cooperation

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<p>Eco-tourism Tourism: Accelerate the integration of bamboo culture and tourism and leisure, use bamboo culture to enhance tourism, use tourism to spread bamboo culture, and create cultural tourism plastic composite screen patio extrusions series activities. Focusing on the following tasks: First, give full play to the advantages of tourism and cultural resources, speed up the construction of key tourism scenic spots such as the Zhuhai Tourism Development Zone, and develop an eco-tourism industry based on bamboo resources and relying on bamboo culture to fully display Zhuxiang customs and bamboo arts. </p> <p>Culture and landscape ecology; Second, the development of wood polymer composite wood plastic combination ecological bamboo forest, ornamental bamboo forest; Third, strengthen bamboo culture and bamboo scientific research, excavation and introduction of preserved natural rare species of ornamental bamboo species, mining, protection and development of decorative vinyl deck railing panels ethnic bamboo cultural resources. Strengthen international cooperation and promote common development: There is an imbalance in the development of the global bamboo industry. </p> <p> The developed countries in Europe and the United States lack bamboo resources and have huge market demand. We have the advantage of unique bamboo resources and have great development space and potential. We must actively participate in international exchanges and cooperation, strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation, establish demonstration bases, and share and disseminate faux wood cladding the value of the bamboo industry. </p>
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Re: strengthen cooperation

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