What are the types of oil traded in Forex and how is it trad

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What are the types of oil traded in Forex and how is it trad

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What are the types of oil traded in Forex and how is it traded?

The high volatility in oil prices in the Forex market is turning into significant earnings opportunities for investors. The investor may perform transactions in difference contracts (cfd) based on crude and brent petroleum products.
In the Forex market, oil cfd products, which are the mainstay of the related oil contracts traded in world futures exchanges, can be traded with the advantages of the Forex market. Oil and energy instruments can be listed as follows; Brent oil (Crudeoil) or Gasoline (Gasoline) Natural gas (NAT-GAS)
You can also invest in the shares of the world's largest oil companies!
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If you want to take advantage of investment opportunities in oil and petroleum products, you can also trade in the shares of the world's largest oil companies. E.g; BP PLC (British Petroleum-BP.L), BG Group (BG.L), Royal Dutch (Shell- RDSA.L), Chevron (Chevron), ExxonMobil (Exxon Mobil).
Whether you invest in oil and derivative instruments or in the shares of oil companies, you can benefit from oil prices in both cases.
The characteristics of oil cfd in the Forex market!
The basis of oil assets is the creation of forward contracts and maturity maturity dates. Therefore, open positions are automatically closed at the end of the term. You can invest in the expected price of the underlying asset and benefit from the instrument with much less capital. Cfd açler opens the door to many investment opportunities with the advantageous features of the Forex market.
If you are interested in investing in petroleum instruments, you can get support from our investor-friendly GCM Forex expert who works with the mission of superior customer satisfaction.
Forex Oil Trading Example:
Let's give an example of Brent oil contract transaction:
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You will receive 1 lot of Brent Oil. Brent oil's $ 40 a barrel. What happens to your wife when Brent Oil rises to $ 42?
1 lot = 1000 barrels Brent oil
1 barrel of Brent oil = $ 40
Leverage ratio 1:50
Let's calculate now. Let's first calculate how much collateral you will have:
1 Lot of Brent oil: 1 (1000 barrels) * $ 40 = $ 40,000.
If you use 1:50 leverage to do this, you need to have 40,000 / 50 = 800 dollars collateral.
As Brent Oil's price is equal to $ 1 per 1000 barrels, you will earn 1000 * 2 = 2000 dollars.
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