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ANKARA Darren Fells Jersey , May 24 (Xinhua) -- The 14th "Chinese bridge" Chinese proficiency competition for Turkish university students opened in Middle East Technology University here on Saturday.

"My Chinese dream," which is the topic of the contest, attracted 25 students, who have past the writing test in the morning, to give their own story about their connection with Chinese language and culture.

"The world is so big Ricky Wagner Jersey , I want to go to china and have a look," the sentence which is quite popular on Chinese web, was used in Arad's speech about why he chose to learn Chinese.

Dance of Little Apple, the most popular song in China in 2014, and the drunken beauty of leading Chinese opera performer Li Yugang Greg Robinson Jersey , among other famous Chinese songs and dances, were included in the performance list of the competitors.

The show of famous poetry "To the Oak Tree" written by Chinese poet Shu Ting helped Gullu from sinology department of Ankara University to win the first runner-up and gain a chance to go to China, a dream she has been trying to fulfill for a long time. "I love Chinese poem and songs and I wish to go to China to get my master degree," Gullu said.

Zeynep, the girl who won the ticket to the world "Chinese Bridge" competition host annually by Hanban in Beijing Michael Roberts Jersey , was very excited after the contest. "I am fascinated by Chinese culture and I could even touch the pulse of this dragon. Now I have a chance to improve my Chinese by communicate and compete with the students from other countries in China. What a dream come true!" she said.

Wu Changqing, the headmaster of Confucius institute in Middle East Technology University which held this year's "Chinese bridge" competition together with the Chinese embassy to Turkey, said that "The quality of the competition is higher than last year because it is harder to choose better students through writing test and speech competition. The number of Turkish students interested in studying Chinese is increasing these years which force the competitors to learn harder to win the champion."

"'Chinese bridge' is not only a contest among Turkish students but also an important pillar of the bridge of social, cultural and economical relationship between Turkey and China, which will definitely benefit Chinese and Turkish people Jalen Reeves-Maybin Jersey ," said Yu Hongyang, the Chinese ambassador to Turkey.

Chest specialists are a specialist who are specialized in the field or related the medicines of chest diseases. These specialist necessitate diagnose and treatments of disorders, conditions and uncomfortable of lungs or breathing conditions. The specialists examine the conditions of heart, lungs, blood vessels Kenny Golladay Jersey , and related to all organs. They also check the patient’s breath and oxygen level of lungs and heart organs. The Delhi and Ncr chest specialists provide the treatment of sleep disorders, severe allergies and also other lungs conditions and diseases.

They focus of internal medicine which is related to the lungs and respiratory systems. These specialists will also identify the causes of chest diseases and disorders. They may be endorsed to numerous factors such as genetics, pollutants irritants and even infectious diseases. Due to these factors it can affect the health of your lungs and your whole respiratory system. The specialists become aware of abnormal lung or respiratory swathe conditions of patients. In his clinics or hospitals these chest specialists perform a preset tomography scans, x-rays, blood tests Teez Tabor Jersey , and tissue biopsies to make precise diagnoses.

These chest specialists recommend medications which they provide counseling, or essential surgery needed. These specialists will provide the treatment. These trained doctors will also perform a physical examination which they include as spirometry, peak expiratory flow and bronchial provocation. These types of examinations are a reliable for every chest diseased person. Here they use those instruments which patient’s exhales, inhales her breath. They also used vigorously with the help of spirometry to measure several lung capacities. These chest specialists of bronchial provocation ad they also help to control the upbringing symptoms of any chest diseases.

They treated Acute bronchitis according to these doctors aggravates bronchitis and increases your risk of developing a more severe condition. They also treated Pneumonia this type of problem is completely depending on the condition of lungs. These specialists were analysis support the medical necessity of involving in the patient's care. These doctors were valuating lung function, examine the bronchial it is important to recognize the causes of chest disease. They help to improve the circulation of oxygen in lungs if it’s affected by oxygen. These specialists include calcium blockers Jarrad Davis Jersey , beta blockers, ranolazine and nitrates in his dietary supplements. According to these specialists they improved the condition of chest and also prevent formation of blood clotting problems.

These chest specialists will also suggests some natural supplements to cure of any chest diseases. Like if they provide some n-acetylecysteine these supplement will help to reduce the severity of chronic chest diseases. They also recommend intake of three grams of mullein each day to keep the lungs free of mucus. They suggests the steaming of several drops of eucalyptus oil in hot water and also Vicks vapor rub apply on the chest they also have essential benefit from chest disorders. Some chest specialist always recommends to staying away from smoke, dust, pollen, and other allergens as much as possible. It also means controlling stress levels Graham Glasgow Lions Jersey , eating a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, and taking enough rest.

Python® is one of the most widely used programming language as it is an open source and general purpose language which facilitates coding of h.
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