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LHASA Nike Air Max 90 España , Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region received more than 1.2 million tourists, up 16.5 percent year on year, during the National Day holiday, local tourism authorities said Monday.

These tourists brought revenue of 589 million yuan (89 million U.S. dollars), up 20 percent year on year, said a statement issued by the regional tourism development commission.

During the holiday, a highway linking the two major cities and tourist attractions Lhasa and Nyingchi opened Nike Air Max 98 España , cutting travel time from eight hours to five hours, said the statement.

China had an eight-day holiday for the National Day this year, one more day than usual as Mid-Autumn Day fell on Oct. 4.

Food intolerance is employed to describe the symptoms that some people have soon after eating particular food chemicals. Probably the most typical symptoms of food intolerance consist of mouth ulcers, indigestion, heartburnreflux, nausea, vomiting Nike Air Max 270 España , irritable bowel symptoms (wind, discomfort, cramps, diarrhoea, constipation), fatigue, headaches Nike Air Max 720 España , migranes and behavioural difficulties, rashes or hives. Asthma symptoms may also be an outcome in some patients.

In contrast to food allergies, bigger volumes of food are necessary to cause reactions. Every individual has their own distinctive threshold to food chemicals. Some people have very high thresholds but a number have extremely low thresholds. When the tolerance level is reached, symptoms are typically slow to begin, being delayed at least 20 minutes and up to seventy two hours. Those with low thresholds are the people who are most sensitive. Tension can affect the tolerance level to food chemicals and most people are a lot more sensitive if stressed by work, sickness or even hormones.

The various chemicals which result in reactions are located in several foods and little amounts may be consumed from many foods over numerous hours or days just before symptoms seem. Food chemicals that can be to blame contain artificial food colours, preservatives Nike Air Max Niños España , flavour enhancers, glutamates, amines and salicylates. It’s frequent for patients that have food intolerances to react to numerous chemicals – all of which may be located in a wide selection of foods.

Artificial Food Colours

Artificial food colours are located in a diverse range of mass produced pastries, cakes, biscuits, soft drinks, cordials and confectionery . They can be included at home employing liquid food colours.


There are lots of preservatives employed in foods. Sugar and salt are common preservatives which are employed in the residence and are very secure. Nevertheless Nike Air Max Mujer España , preservatives such as propionates, sorbates, benzoates, nitrates, sulphites and antioxidants like TBHQ, BHA or BHT are all identified to cause symptoms in some people.

Flavour Enhancers

Probably the most common flavour enhancer is MSG. This is a naturally occurring chemical and is located in common foods like broccoli, tomato Nike Air Max Hombre España , peas, spinach, grapes, strong-flavoured cheeses and most sauces, especially soy sauce. It is also added to many foods during processing such as savoury flavoured biscuits, sauces and chips.


Salicylates are food chemicals which are discovered naturally in several foods – vegetables, peppermint Nike Air Max España Outlet , fruits, herbs, tea, honey,spices, liquorice and wine. 1 well-known salicylate is aspirin. Perfumes and other aromatic chemicals also include a similar chemical that could trigger reactions in men and women sensitive to this chemical group.


Amines are commonly discovered in fermented products. They give fuller flavours to foods and are identified in chocolate, cheese Nike Air Max España Online , some fruits and vegetables and most sauces.


Each and every person is various and has their own special set of reactions and chemical sensitivities. You’ll find currently no trustworthy clinical tests (e.g. skin tests, blood tests, hair analysis etc.) for the diagnosis of food intolerance. Nevertheless, diagnosis could be made by means of the use of a diet regime low in food chemicals. If there is improvement of symptoms on this diet program then food chemicals may be responsible.

The diagnosis is actually confirmed if symptoms happen when the food chemicals are reintroduced separately.

Dietary Management

A dietitian skilled inside the specialty of food chemical intolerance can advise and supervise patients through all stages of the low chemical diet regime and testing. A dietitian will provide patients with suitable advice to encourage the most effective nutrition both during the investigation and after diagnosis.

Natasha dPasha has authoring articles for a number of years. The article has been reviewed by a food intolerance expert Linda Hodge, Dietitian who is an Accredited Practising Dietitian Sydney Australia.

by Tamara Treichel

BEIJING, Aug. 25 (Xinhua) -- At first glance, little may set Duncan Clark apart from other foreign business executives in Beijing's CBD, with his dapper appearance and Mandarin-peppered English. But in fact, he has worked as an adviser for Jack Ma, the maverick founder of Alibaba Group, when China's largest e-commerce company was founded in a small apartment back in 1999.

Now Clark, who comes from Britain, has written a book about Ma and his monolithic company, "Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built."

Clark, in a crisp blue business shirt, sat down with Xinhua recently for an exclusive interview in the office of his consulting firm next to the CCTV "big pants" building to talk about his book on the eve of the G20 summit to be held in the Chinese city of Hangzhou -- incidentally, Ma's hometown in Zhejiang Province. Ma, who chairs the B-20 SME Development Task Force, is expected to attend the summit.

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