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Здесь обсуждаем создание, вступление, программы различных обществ атеистов, а также неформальные объединения. АТОМ, Общество атеистов Подмосковья, Союз воинствующих безбожников, Совет атеистов Рунета и проч. - это все тут.

Ezekiel Elliott Jersey

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BEIJING, Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- Many media outlets and netizens have made positive comments about the Chinese national football team's 0-0 draw with Iran in Shenyang on Tuesday, lifting hopes that China could qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

China snatched the first point and now ranks fourth in Group A after two matches in the final round of FIFA World Cup Asian Zone qualifiers.

AFP reported that "China's World Cup hopes brightened on Tuesday when they held heavyweights Iran 0-0 and group rivals South Korea slipped up in an embarrassing stalemate against war-ravaged Syria."

Chinese news portal Sina said that, even when faced with the two strongest opponents in Group A, Chinese players demonstrated a tenacity of spirit and won the hearts of fans, and added "it's time to win in the next game against Syria."

People's Daily noted the value of getting a point from Iran, Asia's No.1 team, and that observes that players were more confident and showcased their prowess.

Cai Zhenhua, president of the Chinese Football Association, echoed these sentiments. "Players showed their fighting spirit on the pitch, and China goes into the next games with confidence," he said.

A netizen named "TongJi_ZYF" commented on his microblog: "I can accept the result, after all China is weaker than Iran, and our players worked hard, giving us hope that we might qualify."

"Strikers Zhang Yuning and Wu Lei showed strength, they almost scored, and I believe that China will win soon," said a netizen named "Victor Liu" .

Team China head coach Gao Hongbo was more measured in his analysis, but laid out a similarly optimistic outlook. "Generally speaking, I'm satisfied with my players' performance. We have eight matches to play and I think we can get better," he said.

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