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NAIROBI Toronto Maple Leafs T-Shirts , May 14 (Xinhua) -- Kenya's telecommunication industry regulator on Sunday warned over a cyber attack that is targeting computers around the world and advised Kenyans to exercise caution to avoid falling victim.

The Communications Authority (CA) cautioned Kenyans to keep a backup of all their files offline to ensure that they can restore them in case they are attacked.

"Once a computer is infected with the virus, it tries to infect other computers in the same network. Individuals and organizations are discouraged from paying the ransom as this does not guarantee access will be restored," CA Director General Francis Wangusi said in a statement.

Wangusi said the ransomware virus, which goes by the name Winery or WannaCrypt0r or WanaDecrypt0r, has been reported to have infected tens of thousands in many countries around the world and continues to spread.

Once a computer has been attacked Toronto Maple Leafs Hoodie , users cannot access their files unless they pay a 300 U.S. dollar ransom to a Bit Coin account.

The encryption based cyber attack manifests itself as "ransomware" and attacks computers running on Windows operating system. The malicious software infects a computer and restricts user access until a ransom is paid to unlock it.

Wangusi said its existence has been confirmed by the National Kenya Computer Incidence Response Team Coordination Centre (KE-CIRT-CC).

"The authority (CA) is therefore advising the public to beware and put in place the following preventive measures," Wangusi said.

He advised that individuals and organizations should ensure their computers have updated anti-virus as well as an offline data back-up system.

"This will ensure that in the event your computer is attacked, you can restore your files from the back-up," said Wangusi.

Most at risk are those using computers running on old Windows operating systems especially Windows XP. Microsoft however has said it would roll out the update to users of older operating systems.

It is still not known who is behind the attacks but international investigators have kicked off a major manhunt for those behind the cyber-attack that affected systems in dozens of countries, including at banks Customized Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey , hospitals and government agencies.

Unlike most of the malicious programs which depend on humans to spread them by tricking them into clicking on to an attachment, Ransomware has the ability to move around a network looking for computers to attack.

Wangusi advised against clicking on links or opening files and email attachments from unknown sources. He said people should also look out for attachments that recommend one to enable macros in order to view a file.

"Unless you trust the source, do not enable macros. Instead, delete the email immediately and permanently," Wangusi said without specifying whether the presence of the malware has been reported in Kenya.

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Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation opens in Beijing

1 Cheap Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey ,000th freight train linking China and Europe departs from Yiwu

Commemorative first-day covers issued for Belt and Road forum

Chinese submersible explores turbidity current in South China Sea

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8th China Peking Opera art festival to be held in Nanjing

There are two primary reasons why Cervical Herniated Disc is not a common condition as a Lumbar Herniated Disc. Primarily, cervical spine does not have much disc material. Second, not much force is applied to along cervical spine when compared to the lumbar area of the spine. Treating herniated cervical disc can be extremely complex and debilitating a task.

<"http:www.erikbendiksmdcervical-herniated">Cervical herniated disc affects the neck of a person. In the section of the cervical spine, person experiences pain from the neck downwards arms and the fingers. Pain can trigger at any time. Chances are that symptoms can affect the neck Travis Dermott Maple Leafs Jersey , arms, scapula, back of the skull, shoulder, shoulder griddle and hand.

Near about ninety percent of disc herniation takes place in the lumbar area of the spine. Even though disc herniation largely affects the lumbar region Morgan Rielly Maple Leafs Jersey , approximately one in patient suffer from cervical herniated discs. In case of pain in <"http:www.erikbendiksmdlumbar-herniated">lumbar herniated disc, it radiates down the leg into the foot.

There are five segments, of which, human spine is made of – coccyx, the cervical spine Frederik Andersen Maple Leafs Jersey , lumbar spine, sacrum and the thoracic spine. Each of these segments has an important role to play by supporting different body parts. The human spine is able to perform several tasks due to the presence of soft cushion cartilage located in between each vertebra. They work as padding absorbing pressures of several activities and movements.

It is because of the presence of these soft tissues that the cervical spine, located in the neck, can move and support head and the lumbar spine, located in the lower back Jake Gardiner Maple Leafs Jersey , can support much of the body weight. However, it is important for you to know that like any other body part, intervertebral discs are prone to damage and wear and tear. With aging, discs start degenerating causing slipping, bulging Leo Komarov Maple Leafs Jersey , herniation and rupture.

If discs start herniating, there is high peril they will pinch or apply pressure on the neighbouring spinal cord and nerve roots. This, in turn, can interrupt signals being sent and received from the brain to remaining body or might trigger pain too.

There are three types of herniated discs

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