Could You Trust Your Grails with Jason Markk?

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Could You Trust Your Grails with Jason Markk?

Сообщение Schnieders » 12 мар 2018, 11:25

Jason Markk and his cleaning crew have taken the sneaker world by storm and cemented their name amongst adidas ultra boost mens sale many competitors all while staying true to their ethos of providing premium shoe care.The Jason Markk cleaning crew are loyal to the scene and you can count on their presence at the large events throughout the year by making kicks from all walks of life look spick n’ span. The demand for them to have a permanent space in the U.K. has been a long time coming, so it’s great to see them finally open their doors and give the community a service I genuinely think we need.Keeping within brand, the new space on Carnaby Street keeps that premium, minimalist feel going and is nicely attached onto the side of the Size? store. Need to restock on some cleaning juice or drop-off a few pairs?

adidas pure boost womens As well as preview the store, I was asked to bring a beat up pair to be lovingly brought back to life by one of the team. After a quick look at my rotation, it didn’t seem worth bringing any as I’m quite regimented about the condition I keep my kicks in. My other half, not so much…Which leads me to ask the question: would you trust Jason Markk, or any sneaker cleaning service with your grails?

nike running shoes sale womens Some people could look at what JM brings to the market and think, ‘Ugh, who would pay that to have their shoes cleaned when you could just do it at home?’ Maybe this is true for an average pair of sneakers, but please see my point here… When you search and hunt and source something that you’re so passionate about, that’s taken so long to find in your size, in that condition, would you trust yourself to give them a deep clean and bring them back to their former glory?I don’t think I would. Especially with the number of premium materials that we see being used these days. This pair of New Balance 998 Premier that I brought in showcase super soft suede all over entire front half of the shoe. Not only is it knowing the techniques to wash and dry such materials, but knowing how to avoid colours running into each other too which can also be fatal.
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