By definition fads and trends appear and disappear, and se

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By definition fads and trends appear and disappear, and se

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In any business you experience some kind of loss. Whether it be stolen cash or missing inventory. We already know that most of the theft occurs from employees – anywhere from 30-60% is caused by those inside your organization. Most companies will try to combat and prevent as much theft as possibly by utilizing some kind of video surveillance. Video surveillance is probably the most effective means to help control asset loss as well as to help streamline the workflow efficiency and there are thousands of companies that are utilizing DVR’s such as the Geovision DVR Card. If the employees know that their actions are being observed they are less inclined to make mistakes or to steal from the company. However some employers and managers feel that video surveillance in of itself is just not enough. This is where they often times make the mistake of implementing audio surveillance without carefully checking local Air Jordan 1 Shoes For Sale , state and federal laws.

In implementing audio surveillance at your place of work can oftentimes be the tragic downfall of any good-willed company. Why is that? Because at least for the United States there are very strict laws that regulate audio surveillance and recording. You would think that video surveillance would be more incriminating that audio surveillance by that is simply not the case. In fact, there have been many companies that supplement audio surveillance with their security camera systems and due to legal process, they have been sued and run out of business. We will explore some of the reasons why this is the case. Some of the dangers involving audio surveillance are complex. For example, some state and local laws deem audio surveillance being the equivalent to eavesdropping or even wiretapping. This is allowed in some states and in some cases where both parties consent to being recorded. However in some states, only one of the two parties involved consent to being recorded.

In the legal world Air Jordan Shoes For Sale , there is what is known as a reasonable expectation of privacy. This means that there are areas that are considered private and there should be no surveillance in that area by law. A perfect example of this would be a restroom, bedroom, dressing rooms and so forth. Some states allow covert video surveillance but completely prohibit audio surveillance. If you were to implement audio surveillance in one of those states you as an employer would be violating some pretty heavy laws. Here is where audio surveillance is just a grey area in which would require the consultation of a legal attorney to learn exactly what you can and cannot do with regards to audio surveillance. This article is not designed to scare you away from implementing a safe and effective loss prevention program with a reliable video surveillance system. There are many great video surveillance systems that will easily accomodate audio surveillance, such as any of the Geovision DVR Cards for example. Don’t be worried, just check with your attorney before you make any mistakes

If you or yourself are interested in security with dvr cards in your home or business Jordan 13 Shoes For Sale , please visit www.DVRKits.They are experienced in geovision dvr cards and are happy to help you protect your investments.

cem to affect all parts of society, including the automobile industry. During the last several years of the new millenium, there have been some interesting turns in the culture of cars. If you had taken a test drive, back in 2002 Jordan 12 Shoes For Sale , of a plain-Jane Nissan Altima, you were probably amazed at the speed being more than expected.

The arrival of the 240 horsepower engine hearalded in speeds a great deal higher than what the 90’s had made us accustomed to. Today, there is a family car with 280 horsepower inside the Volkswagen Passat. Camaros are increasingly being left for dead by smaller Mitsubishis that cost $30,000. Packing a mean 500 horsepower won’t elevate a car such as the Dodge Viper to beyond ordinary today. You may not be a speed nut, but there are essentially no cars anymore that are really underpowered. It seems as if bigger is thought to be better with cars Jordan 11 Shoes For Sale , because every new release is bigger than the previous one. The present Honda Civics are bigger than the older Accords, and the new Toyota Rav4 is longer than its predecessor by all of 14 inches.

None of us seems to want to get hold of the same car or less, yet have to pay more money. If it’s going to cost more, then it must be not only better but also bigger. Regrettably, larger also means bulkier Jordan 1 Shoes For Sale , and vehicle makers will continue to make what the consumer is willing to buy. U.S. car buyers want to pay less money for their gasoline, but they don’t want to sacrifice speed to get it. They would rather spend more and look forward to their hybrid car, the Prius from Toyota, which will allow them to keep going fast. And Corollas, available off the very same dealer’s showroom floor Air Jordan 13 For Sale , continue to be unsold. In the rush by all vehicle makers to keep up to date, even pride seems to have taken a back seat, as in the case of Nissan with their Altima, which uses the same system as Toyota, their competitor.

Vehicles with pizzaz Air Jordan 12 For Sale , that’s what today’s buyers want, not the flat, blah styling popular in the 90s. Power steering, automatic windows, airbags and robust sound systems as being standard options are now par for the course. And that is probably why the new vehicle you are eyeing goes for around $28 Air Jordan 11 For Sale ,000 on average. The SUV now seems to be bought by silly people, so perhaps we are going back to the days when a car was a car. The most significant decrease in sales has been within the bigger SUVs, so maybe it was just a fad whose time has come to an end. Buyers seem to have moved to smaller cars, with the Ford Explorer and Expedition out in the cold while the little cars get more and more of the action, even the Neon and Sentra.
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