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An Indian ruling party politician has been left red-faced after a video of him urinating in public went viral on World Toilet Day Bryan Witzmann Jersey , despite government efforts to stop people relieving themselves in the open.

Ram Shinde, a minister for water conservation in the western state of Maharashtra, was filmed answering the call of nature in a field by the side of a road Saturday.

The clip spread online the following day. November 19 marks the UN's official World Toilet Day, which aims to raise awareness about the health risks caused by a lack of lavatories.

Shinde - a member of India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party - defended his actions with an excuse familiar to many, effectively saying: "When you've got to go Harrison Butker Jersey , you've got to go."

"I have been traveling continuously for the last one month reviewing the Jalyukta Shivar scheme," he told the Press Trust of India (PTI), referring to drought-prone Maharashtra's water conservation program.

"Continuous traveling in high temperatures and dust made me ill. I was suffering from fever and when I couldn't find a toilet while traveling, I had to relieve myself in the open."

India is notorious for its lack of toilets. Some 70 percent of Indian households do not have them while around 600 million people, nearly half the population Travis Kelce Jersey , defecate in the open, according to UNICEF.

Three years ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pledged to build toilets for everyone by 2019.


PLANNING is under way to place a bat which once belonged to Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes on Mount Everest in a tribute to the batsman who died last month, an official said yesterday.

The death of Hughes, 25 Spencer Ware Jersey , from a head blow sustained while playing a domestic match at the Sydney Cricket Ground stunned the sports world and triggered an outpouring of grief.

Cricket Australia Chairman Wally Edwards said yesterday that the Cricket Association of Nepal had proposed the Everest idea.

After Hughes’ death, bats were left outside the front doors of homes in Australia and around the world and a spontaneous #putyourbatsout campaign received a big response with thousands posting pictures of bats on Twitter.

Edwards also told a Boxing Day test lunch there were plans for a 63-over game to be played in Nepal as part of the tribute to Hughes who was 63 not out when he sustained the fatal injury, Australian Associated Press reported.

“So although we enter the festive season with heavy hearts, the community’s response has been comforting and in many ways uplifting,” Edwards said.

In another development Justin Houston Jersey , a report said yesterday that Cricket Australia has trademarked the phrase “63 not out” to prevent people from cashing in on the death of the batsman.

“Cricket Australia registered the trademark in conjunction with Phillip’s management purely as a defensive registration to prevent others trying to exploit Phillip’s memory,” a CA spokesman told The West Australian.

“There was some evidence of that starting to occur which is why we have taken this action,” the spokesman said.

The West Australian said unlicensed Hughes merchandise is being sold by online auction sites, including T-shirts, stickers and memorial trophies.

The cricket ball is the major centerpiece and essence of cricket. It comes in a variety of different material Tyreek Hill Jersey , colors, shapes and sizes, each for a different purpose. The best way to utilize the potential of the ball is to know and understand the purpose of it. In this article, we give you a detailed guide of the different types of balls used for the game of cricket, to help you understand which the best is.

Material and Manufacturing

Traditionally Will Redmond Chiefs Jersey , the core of the ball is normally made up alternate layers of wrapped cork strips and tightly wound strings. The layers can be anywhere between three to five layers which is combined together to get the shape and bounce. The extreme outer layer of the ball is constructed from the highest quality leather which is cut into two or four pieces before being reassembled again. It is put together through a delicate process wherein the seam is created and plays an important indicator in the quality of the cricket ball. This feature also forms the movement of the ball, thereby giving an advantage over to the bowlers. Additionally, hand stitched balls from Scotland and Switzerland are considered to be the best in this way. A layer of polish is then given as a finishing touch. This plays a major role as most cheap quality balls are covered in a layer of polish which tends to affect the performance of the bounce and feel of the ball. The size and circumference of the ball is taken into consideration, especially when it is used for different games. Junior and women’s league games normally have a lighter ball as compared to the men’s league.


While the traditional cricket ball has always been a red one, it has been used for all forms of cricket games. In the recent few years Sammy Watkins Chiefs Jersey , the white ball has been used for day and night games wherein floodlights are normally used to provide better visibility to the players. However, since the white color tends to collect dirt faster, the pink color balls are slowly being introduced. However, it is only used by the Australian cricket franchise as of now.

Special Training Ball

For training purposes, there are special cricket balls that are available. These have been specially created with specific characteristics Anthony Hitchens Chiefs Jersey , in order to develop particular skills or reduce the chances of injury. These balls have different characteristics that include light weight to improve skills and reduce injury and multi material balls to understand the movement and swing of the ball.

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