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import Russia log

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83.22% what occupy our country to import Russia log to measure. In importing log, the price of broad leaf log falls somewhat, especially of beech log fall into valence amount to free standing ground level deck plans 37.43% . Its reason is from past sheet North America entrance, expand the country such as Europe, compete somewhat into valence; 2 it is home market " beech " heat drops in temperature, market demand decreases; The 3 low that are domestic

beech compete, make import beech eventually composite deck suppliers in boston from " noble " reductive at " civilian " , left times of sudden huge profits. 2, 1 ~ will import entrance sawn timber in August 2002 sawn timber three million four hundred and ninety-nine thousand eight hundred stere, grow 39.72% compared to the same period. Among them amplitude of sawn timber of needle leaf wood is as high as 94.62% . This is more apparent wear layer porch flooring materials characteristic. The

deal that its reason is Russia entrance becomes a useful person increase, russia besides increasing log to export, still increased the sawn timber export after treatment. This changed our country original deal to become a useful person basically is Canadian cloud hemlock becomes a useful person the structural mode of the entrance. inexpensive yet durable fencing materials Because E Songcheng material compares the petty gain that add a pine, because the entrance
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