product has a few kinds

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product has a few kinds

Сообщение qizhen10001 » 27 апр 2018, 06:53

formaldehyde content that reduces a product has a few kinds of basic methods: Use the adhesive that does not take formaldehyde, improve recipe of glue of Niao Fence Panels 8 Ft High aldehyde colophony, improve production craft, pass processing technique of man-made board later period to wait. In these methods, replace, improve adhesive handier, also be the enterprise obtains the means with national most

applicable level as soon as possible.Recycled Wood Plastic Benches For Sale A lot of enterprises to seek usury profit, have a lot of " man-made is green " method, if adopt,purchase entrance high price high grade adhesive deals with a product to send check, and what sell on the market still is inferior goods, perhaps reduce quality to reduce use adhesive to wait. Although apparently of formaldehyde boat wood plastic deck board releasing a quantity is

to decrease a lot of, but it is a kind of fraudulent action however. Still have what at present the advertisement on the market does very livelily is so called " formaldehyde one gush is clean " , also have effect of take temporary solution only actually, its gush arrives on plank most can slow the hidden fasteners for composite flooring formaldehyde chroma in releasing air, can not eliminate completely, formaldehyde or
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