What we think about the Cowboys’ coaching situation The Dall

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What we think about the Cowboys’ coaching situation The Dall

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are in a place that has become all too familiar this season. They face a game where they badly need a win to keep pace in the NFC East Dallas Cowboys Hoodie , but have an offense that so far has been inconsistent, and often has just been absolutely bad. The onus would seem to be on head coach Jason Garrett and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan to get it fixed. There is a widespread assumption that they are both coaching for their jobs this season, although owner and GM Jerry Jones is still refusing to even discuss moving on from Garrett. A win against the Jacksonville Jaguars would, at least temporarily, calm the unrest in the fan base. And if Dallas can just get that offense producing, then Garrett and Linehan will probably be back for another go next year, especially if they win the division. Given the state of the NFC East and what we have seen from the Cowboys’ rivals this season, that is really not something you can automatically rule out. The odds are that it would not be much of a run in the postseason, but it still would almost certainly mean Garrett, at the least, is safe.But is that really a good thing? Jones thinks Garrett can get the team to a championship, and the offense is really a jointly shared area of responsibility for the head coach and the OC, with Garrett’s fingerprints all over the way things are done. There is a huge question about whether they can really lead this team to success in a league where there has been something of an offensive evolution in the past few years. I asked the rest of the BTB staff the question of whether it would really be a good thing for the Cowboys to win the NFCE and ensure Garrett and probably Linehan would stick around another year. Here is what some of my colleagues had to say.One.Cool.Customer: One of the flaws of Jerry Jones the GM is that he doesn’t keep his foot on the pedal all of the time, seemingly easing off when things go half-way right. When things go terribly wrong, he has no problem stepping in, as he did when he canned Wade Philips midseason in 2010, but there seems to be a distinct lack of urgency when things are looking up.Things didn’t go too well in 2017, but things went well enough for Jones to buy into the idea that a few changes here or there would somehow turn a 9-7 team into a Super Bowl contender the next year. So when the Cowboys weren’t able to land a premier wide receiver in free agency, the GM thought a bunch of undrafted free agents would be good enough to make up for that, no sweat. It’s that lack of aggressiveness that has become a hallmark of the Dallas Cowboys and their GM. That strange complacency with the status quo in Dallas is particularly irritating because it is the exact opposite of what made Jones such a success early in his tenure as the new owner of the Dallas Cowboys, but those times are long gone.So here’s why another year of middling results that keep Jason Garrett and his staff in Dallas for another year (and another year, and another year...) is bad for the Cowboys:Sometimes familiarity breeds complacency, and that’s where the Cowboys look to be at right now. Think about how we used to laugh at the Bengals for keeping Marvin Lewis around for seemingly forever. Joke’s on us, folks, the whole league is laughing at the Cowboys for doing the exact same thing. Change for the sake of change is never a good strategy, but sometimes a personnel change can provide new impulses to an organization that may have gone stale - and maybe light a fire under the GM’s ass.Dave Halprin: Generally, I’m a win at all costs type of guy (within reason). Because of this, I could never actively root for the team to fail this year just to get rid of the Garrett/Linehan. So I’m stuck in the middle. If Garrett can turn around this team to the point where they make the playoffs, and not just from a weakened NFC East by going 9-7 and squeaking in, but really accomplish a turnaround where the offense looks legitimate again, then I can’t say that would be bad for the team long-term. There is a lot of talk about scheme, play-calls, and whether being a run-first team in the NFL is a bad thing, but we weren’t complaining much about that when we were winning big in 2014 and 2016. As the great OCC usually reminds us - recency bias. That’s not to say that complaints about how this team is built, or how the scheme is being adapted, aren’t legitimate. There are absolutely things the coaching staff could change. But if Garrett/Linehan can somehow find a groove and make this team into a genuine playoff team this year, it’s hard to say that’s bad for the team, long-term or short-term. To me though, we’re really asking the wrong question. The only way this team is ever going to be good, with this coaching staff or another, is if Dak Prescott rediscovers the form he showed through his first 24 games. His poor mechanics, uncertainty in the pocket Customized Dallas Cowboys Jerseys , failure to progress through his reads, and inaccurate passing is just killing this offense. If he can just return to being efficient and accurate, this offense can succeed and the Cowboys can succeed. One caveat, if Jason Garrett ever punts in another situation like he did against Houston, I would fire him on the spot and turn the team over to Kris Richard as interim coach.Michael Sisemore: It’s all going to depend on how this hypothetical “turn around” is orchestrated through the play of the quarterback. If Dak Prescott is able to return to the level of play he showed against the Lions or prior to the Atlanta game last season and actually stay there, then maybe this staff can right this ship. However, if Dak and the offense continue to struggle whenever the running game isn’t working perfectly, we’re going to see new coaches. It’s much harder to find a new quarterback without mortgaging a lot of assets and the Cowboys won’t be bad enough to be Top-5 in the Draft. Plus, the Cowboys need better offensive skill players regardless. There is an influx of younger upstart coaches, be it former NFL assistants or college coaches that are taking jobs at the highest level. Trust it, there will be someone walking in telling the Jones’ family, “I like Prescott, I can coach him.” That’s what Jerry, Stephen, and McClay will ultimately want to hear. Dak is the key to this whole thing because it’s hard to picture them dumping him after this season, not yet anyway. If there is a turnaround, it’s going to be because of improvement at quarterback, which is going to make it hard to get rid of the coaches. In that case, it’s hard to say that’s bad for the long term, it will signify that the coaches got it right.DannyPhantom: Absolutely it would be a good thing. We want this process to work. You may not feel it in your heart of hearts, but if the Cowboys hit the reset button, they’re not going to be able to just jump back into championship contention with some “fresh young mind.” New coaches typically fail. That’s why there is such a large turnover each year. They miss, they miss again, and then they keep missing until they finally hit鈥nless you’re the Browns, in which case you never hit.Many Cowboys fans live and die by simply the outcome on Sunday so they know whether they can boast or hide from their peers at work on Monday. And that’s fine. But we have set that aside and really look at what is going on with the organization. For me, I’ve seen a good team be constructed whose only shortcoming in recent years has been poor play from the quarterback position. I don’t see this team lacking energy, I don’t see in-house fighting (despite what the media tries to portray), and I don’t see players throwing fits on the side line (at least, not since Dez has left).The Cowboys have problems and it’s on Garrett and company to fix them. I’m certainly not trying to convince people that the state of the Cowboys is fine, and everyone should just like it. That’s far from it. But you really must ask yourself – is firing Garrett the best play? Will that make our players more focused? Will they fight for the star more? Will Jerry Jones trust this new coach and continue to not meddle so much?Winning football games in the NFL is hard. The Rams didn’t just turn into the best team in the league overnight. Remember, they stunk it up for a decade where they had 11-straight years where they were picking in the top 15 of the draft. And sometimes more than one pick. That includes five picks at either 1st or 2nd, including two different shots at a no. 1 overall quarterback. Years of collecting good players help, but finally having a quality quarterback is the big wham-o there.And then there are the Giants whose front office went on a spending spree in free agency, but that is clearly not working out for them. They are in mad denial about the quality of their quarterback.I really wouldn’t know what to expect with a coaching reset. It could be good. It could be a nightmare. Personally, I worry about the latter because that’s typically what happens. And I’ve seen enough terrible Jerry Jones choices to scare me about him making another, and it could set this franchise back for years.The Cowboys have had success under Garrett and I firmly believe that more is coming, but it’s going to take better play from the quarterback position. The Cowboys are 19-0 when Prescott actually has success in the passing game and averages over 7.0 yards per attempt. That tells me there is a pretty good team around him.Crunching stats: Ten things that stood out in the Cowboys’ loss to the Panthers It could have been worse. But the Dallas Cowboys’ dismal performance against the Carolina Panthers was absolutely bad enough. The team had little offensive output, and the defense was unable to contain Cam Newton in the first half. It’s time to do a dive into the statistics of the game and try to learn a little bit about what went wrong - and if there are any signs of hope for the next game against the New York Giants and the rest of the season.The offensive game plan was once again too stubborn.This is not about creativity or adjustments. It is about a belief that this team can impose its will on opponents without having to adapt to what they are facing. If they had the offensive line of 2016, with Doug Free still manning right tackle while La’el Collins worked at left guard, then maybe that would still work. But with Travis Frederick out due to his illness, and a somewhat undersized rookie, Connor Williams www.authenticsdallascowboys.com , at LG, expecting to go in and just ram it down the throats of the Panthers with their outstanding defensive tackles and linebackers was foolish - or worse. Yet the first play of the game was Ezekiel Elliott running at right guard. For a loss of a yard.It was one play in a game that saw a lot of problems for Dallas. But it was the one thing Scott Linehan has been so heavily criticized for: It was predictable, and the Panthers were ready for it. Actually, they were ready for it just by nature of their talent up the middle of their defense. Dallas tried to come out and show they could do what they wanted, and failed. That led to the next thing.Third downs were unmanageable.I didn’t have to do the work on this.Folks, you aren’t going to win many games like that. It is called “getting behind schedule”. If you aren’t seeing a lot of 3rd and 5 or less, you are in trouble. Obviously, Dallas was.That almost always tracks back to what happens on first down, and the Cowboys were boom or (mostly) bust there.It was a few good plays and a bunch of failed ones on first down, which set the tone for the entire game. For the game, the Cowboys were only 2 of 11 on third down conversions, which kind of sums up things right there.Some of the new tools were underutilized.Rico Gathers was inactive, of course, and while that may have been his punishment for his arrest the day of the cutdown, we still don’t know if he can be a red zone weapon. Tavon Austin only saw the field for 10 plays and had just two touches, one of which was called back on penalty. Jamize Olawale, who seems to be much more than just a conventional blocking fullback, only saw six snaps. He was not targeted in the passing game, where he could be very dangerous.They spread the ball around - but to poor effect.Dak Prescott was disappointing, being off on many throws and generally indecisive throughout. But he did try to get the ball to ten different receivers, counting the play to Austin that was called back. That just emphasizes his own failures, unfortunately.The offensive line was just as disappointing.Tyron Smith and La’el Collins both had two penalties. The middle of the line, with Williams and Looney, just weren’t up to the task against the superb DTs of Carolina, especially Kawann Short, who got through for two sacks, two TFLs, and four QB hits. This is still very much a work in progress, but the returning starters should have been better, including Zack Martin. Six sacks, four TFLs, and 10 QB hits is far too much, and mostly falls on their shoulders.The offensive struggles wasted a pretty good defensive effort.The defense certainly wasn’t perfect. They failed to account for Cam Newton’s running ability too often in the first half, and he wound up the leading rusher for Carolina with 58 yards. They also had some really bad tackling, and there was a general sense of confusion at times.But overall, they held Newton’s passing to only 161 yards, a 65% completion rate, a long of only 19 yards, and no touchdowns. They also sacked him three times, which is a good showing against one of the hardest quarterbacks to bring down. In total, Carolina only had 293 yards of offense, and of course they only put up 16 points. You should be able to beat any team that your defense holds to that. Admittedly Dallas Cowboys T-Shirt , the Panthers may have gone into a very conservative mode after half as it became apparent how impotent the Dallas offense was. But still, the defense played good enough to win, at least based on the stats.However, there was one odd stat line on D.Sean Lee was credited with only four tackles (and just one solo), with a QB hit and a pass defended. That may be the worst stat line for him in his career for any game, and certainly for one where he was apparently healthy the entire way. He was off the field more than normal, only playing 88% of the defensive downs. But Jaylon Smith had a somewhat better game statistically, with four tackles, three solo, and one sack on a scrambling Newton. But what really stood out (and might be one sign of hope going forward) is that Leighton Vander Esch was not that far off from Lee’s production, with three tackles (two solo) - and he only played 25% of the snaps. Meanwhile, Demarcus Lawrence was the star of the game, with some other good D line performancesYou don’t often see defensive ends being the leading tackler for their team, but Lawrence did just that, getting six solo stops plus one assist for seven total, a sack, and a fumble recovery. In order of production, Tyrone Crawford, Taco Charlton (yes, he was good in this game), Daniel Ross, Antwaun Woods, Dorance Armstrong, and Maliek Collins all had impacts on the game, including the sack from Collins. But Randy Gregory, who left the game early and was only on the field for 22% of the defensive downs, didn’t make the stats table, a very desultory result for his much-anticipated return to football, and one that now has both the mysterious “relapse” issue and his injury hanging over it.The defensive backs were probably the best unit on the field for the whole team.The passing numbers for Carolina bear this out, and they also represented four of the top eight tacklers (not always a good thing, since that means the front seven are not getting the job done). They may not have depth, but they seem very solid. Next week, however, they face a much more dangerous group of receivers on the New York Giants, so we will have to hold back a bit on just how good they are.Things finally picked up late - but how much of that was effectively “garbage time”?Particularly in the fourth quarter when they went no-huddle as they tried to get back into the game, the offense started to move the ball. Things loosened up for Zeke as they passed more, and he got two good runs plus the touchdown on the option play with Dak. And the defense, which could have been gassed, kept up things on their end, stopping the Panthers twice to give Dallas shots at tying the game. But had Carolina gone conservative in the faith that the Cowboys could not score? It is hard to say - but maybe the coaching staff can find something to use there.
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