Price of floor

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Price of floor

Сообщение qizhen10001 » 27 апр 2018, 11:34

ulcer ton row? Price of floor of Na Xun real wood falls the quantity is added Issue date: 2002-3-25 origin: 2001 second half of the year, as the arrival that transparent pvc plastic sheet decorates busy season, real wood floor sells Na Xun to jump over flourishing gradually. According to
Na Xun Li Zheng of floor association secretary-general introduces, the manufacturer that this area actual strength has brand

consciousness more by force again the sale last year all good last year, annual sale comes than there is 10% about 2000 15% right-and-left growth, the gross that balcony planters for railing singapore real wood floor watersides south rises more apparent also, but, as a result of increase sharply of measure of industry of real wood floor, the contradiction of supply exceeds demand is increasingly outstanding, the

price of the complementary line such as bad stuff of together with floor and paint is far from those who have different rate to drop, price of Na Xun floor also shows month by month to glide trend. Current, popular goods of dependable quality Kangbasi element board factory price every square drops to seven yuan, drop about 20% , gain of plant traveling merchant is meager with each
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