participate in responding to international competition

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participate in responding to international competition

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<p>contact the government to develop a comparatively large scale in the country.<a href=''>diy fire pit pad for a deck</a> The activities of cracking down counterfeit flooring, if he finds people, there is no such fee to go out, these inspection fees and so on we can all come out, this is my suggestion, thank you!Mr. Zhang Dongsheng,how to build a bench seat on a composite deck Marketing Director of Beijing Knocking Senhua Flooring Co., Ltd. With regard to anti-dumping, if all companies want to export, they must actively face </p>
<p>the reality, participate in responding to international competition,<a href=''>timber decking prices uk</a> and protect their own interests. If you give up this right, it will look like some industries. For example, in the furniture industry now in the newspaper, 11 companies participated in the anti-dumping case, 7 companies responded,eco hollow decking thailand and the lowest tax rate of the responding enterprises reached More than four points, the highest 28%, this is seven companies, participating in 11 </p>
<p>companies, those four companies can get an average tax rate of 21%,<a href=''>staining a molded panel interior door</a> all did not participate, China has tens of thousands of furniture companies, all enjoy exports With a tax rate of +198, these enterprises will not have the opportunity to re-export. Therefore,wooden fence screws our enterprises should actively participate in and strive for the interests of the enterprise, the interests of the industry, and the rights to be protected. They must safeguard their rights </p>
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