Technicolor and burnish

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Technicolor and burnish

Сообщение qizhen10001 » 27 апр 2018, 16:28

origin: 2001, design of brunet woodiness data is most popular, individuation, sharp contrast, Technicolor and burnish design are popularity of illuminative of anti-fungus patio furniture target compound floor surface trend. The beech design that loves all the time by consumer gradually abdicate, those who replace is the design such as the oak wood of fashionable avant-courier, cherry wood, Walnut. Current, pursue

in wood of Asian maple, cherry and beech grain is very popular. People stresses the elegant character of lumber, the decorative pattern that is like small hole, recycled composite plastic on exteriors material grace and high colour. In be being decorated indoors, people is the aluminium besides use grace, argent with gray outside, also use the blue of majolica and red when need emphasizes contrast, this kind of trend recycled exterior wall cladding is in compound

floor domain is such also. The adornment surface design of originality sex, if take,do not take seamed stone and tile pattern, go up in foreign market popular. The design respect of material is decorated in the floor, the bright color such as maple, birch, beech and Kai wood is in abroad also ovation.rubber roof for a balcony flooring Will entrance lumber maintainof half of country 2003? Depend on of bottom of
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