via taking off oily

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via taking off oily

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ountingplane down with deep 0.3-0.7mm piece, via taking off oily, dry, apply outfit of glue, directional shop, hot pressing to shape plank of a kind of when wait for craft to be made 4x8 holed sheet fencing directional structure. Surface layer dig piece show fore-and-aft arrange, core layer dig piece show transverse arrange, structure of stagger of this kind of freely is arranged make Ou Song board (OSB) have extremely tall dimension s

tability and strength. Current, north is new the permission that product of series of Ou Song board already received heart national law decides attestation orgnaization HFB, guardian prestige decking wait for the attestation of world accepted orgnaization through SKH, PSI. North is new Ou Song board uses adhesive of high environmental protection entirely, accord with European EN300 standard (standard of European highest environment) , f

ormaldehyde of finished product dissociate discount wpc truck bed floor pans releases a quantity far under other plank, accord with requirement of European E1 standard completely, can compare with natural lumber photograph. - - every day furniture net- - Does plywood exit development mark quickly undeserved produce misdirect: however? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Plywood exit development marks membrane for outdoor deck covering quickly
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