or it is a corporate obligation

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or it is a corporate obligation

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<p>reduces corporate costs. Zeng Zhiwen: I give a very simple example.<a href='http://livehawaii.org/floor/1789-How-Much-Waterproof-Deck-Around-Pool.html'>How Much Waterproof Deck Around Pool</a> For example, now that the company's machines are old and its power consumption is very high, this has an impact on low carbon, so we must improve equipment and introduce new equipment. The introduction of equipment is an investment in cost,build a sliding fence board but it does not mean that the cost of the company has risen. You have bought a new machine. Your electricity originally </p>
<p>produced one square meter for three degrees of electricity,<a href='http://livehawaii.org/deck/9642-Kekurangan-Kertas-Yang-Terbuat-Dari-Kayu.html'>Kekurangan Kertas Yang Terbuat Dari Kayu</a> and the introduction of a new machine for one square meter uses only one degree of electricity. Electricity may be Save 70%, although you have investment, this is investment, but everyone pays attention to the topic of low-carbon,plastic composite manufacturers all the investment is rewarded. Cui Peng: Why do we talk about low-carbon today, followed by two words, economy, low-carbon economy, and how </p>
<p>the economy came? In 1131, Bush said that he introduced the Kyoto Protocol. <a href='http://livehawaii.org/panel/1917-Reviews-Of-Composite-Fencing.html'>Reviews Of Composite Fencing</a>Why did he withdraw? He said that the United States participates in the United States and is not conducive to the economic development of the United States. Carbon can be used for exchange. Carbon can be rich. Mixed Australian Hardwood DeckingIf the central government comes up with a policy and other countries exchange carbon emissions, they can exchange a large amount of US dollars, </p>
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