Britain was backtracking on its com

Дебаты на темы, связанные с историей происхождения религии и атеизма. Инквизиция, крестовые походы, и проч. - это, пожалуйста, сюда.

Britain was backtracking on its com

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NAIROBI Uomo Air Max TN Nere Scontate , June 6 (Xinhua) -- Non-communicable diseases like cancers, diabetes and cardiovascular ailments have become a leading cause of deaths across the East African region, experts said on Tuesday at a forum in Kenya's Nairobi.

Gerald Yonga, chairman of the East African Non Communicable Diseases Alliance, said high death rates occasioned by lifestyle diseases as opposed to infectious one could hamper socio-economic development in the region.

"The number of deaths from cancer, diabetes and heart diseases will surpass deaths arising from malaria Uomo Air Max TN Tutte Nere Scontate , tuberculosis and HIVAIDS by 2020 if interventions are not put in place," Yonga remarked.

He noted that poverty, ignorance and absence of diagnostic equipment have undermined war against lifestyle diseases, whose spread has been fuelled by changing dietary habits and environmental pollution.

Yonga urged enactment of robust policies and legislation to enable the countries to manage non-communicable diseases that are predicted to cause a 7 trillion dollars loss to the global economy in the near future.

"We must invest in the management of NCDs to be able to meet the national and international Development goals," said Yonga.

He urged governments in the region to priorities mitigation measures like smoking ban and awareness campaigns and to promote healthy eating habits.

Statistics from the ministry of health indicate that an estimated 30,000 Kenyans die annually from different types of cancer while other lifestyle diseases comprise 51 percent of bed occupancy in public health facilities.

Executive Director of the Africa Institute for Health and Development (AIHD) Wilkister Nyanumba-Bosire said investments in research Uomo Air Max 97 Shockproof Grigie Bianche Scontate , public outreach and diagnostic equipments are key to boost management and treatment of non-communicable diseases.

She urged the government, private sector and bilateral donors to channel more resources to rural areas and urban slums where a spike in lifestyle diseases has been reported.

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A man passes by a polling station in London, Britain, on June 8, 2017. Polling stations across the Britain opened early Thursday as voters started to make their decision in the general election. (XinhuaHan Yan)

LONDON, June 8 (Xinhua) -- Early risers and people on their way to work were among the first to cast their votes Thursday in what has been described as Britain's most crucial election for decades.

Although Theresa May is on target to hold on to power Uomo Air Max 97 OG GS Army Verde Nere Scontate , a late rally by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn may thwart the Conservative's ambition to give their majority a turbo-boost.

When May called the snap general election just six weeks ago, she held a working majority in the British House of Commons of just 17 seats.

She has pleaded with the British public to increase her strength in parliament to enable her to fight for a good deal with Brussels when negotiations start later this month on Britain's withdrawal from the European Union.

The battle for 10 Downing Street has emerged as a two-horse race between May and Corbyn, with political commentators saying the May landslide predicted just weeks ago is now less likely.

The election result is crucial as it will set the tone for those all-important talks about the future EU-UK relationship.

May wants to strike a deal she described as "good for Britain", while Corbyn says he respected the majority decision by Britain to quit the EU, but he wants to maintain access for business and the protection of workers' rights.

Hundreds of polling stations across England, Scotland Donne Air Max 97 GS Varsity Rosse Bianche Scontate , Wales and Northern Ireland opened at 7 a.m. local time (0600 GMT), and close at 10 p.m.

Almost 47 million people, aged 18 and over, a record number, are entitled to vote in the election, half a million more than in the 2015 election.

Polling stations have been set up in a whole range of premises Uomo Air Max 97 KPU TPU Scuro Blu Bianche Scontate , from libraries to schools, with more unusual venues such as public bars, supermarkets, hairdressing salons

The kitchen of one house in Yorkshire will act as one of the country's smallest polling stations. Peter Easterby, 63, and his wife Liz Uomo Air Max 97 Shockproof Midnight Marina Oro Scontate , 53, expect a procession of around 40 neighbors to make the journey to vote in their remote home in Driffield, 48 km east of York.

Traditionally campaigning does not take place on voting day, with cabinet ministers and opposition shadow ministers making the journeys to their respective constituencies to await the results.

As well as being prime minister and resident of 10 Downing Street, May is also a constituency MP, so she will head to Maidenhead in Berkshire Uomo Air Max 97 Premium Blu Scontate , a seat she has represented since 1997, to await her fate. If she failed to win she would immediately cease to the prime minister.

Her constituency includes Windsor Castle, one of the official residences of Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen, however, does not vote so nobody will ever know who she would support.

At precisely 22:00 local time, the voting stops Donne Air Max 97 Shockproof Chiaro Rosa Scontate , the pencils used to place crosses on ballot papers will be stacked away, and an army of vote counters take over.

Over the following hours, the results will flow in from the 650 parliamentary constituencies, each choosing one MP to represent them in the House of Commons. The first party to hit 326 seats will win the election.

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