The objective of the programme is always to reduce PANDORAs

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The objective of the programme is always to reduce PANDORAs

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About 7 Feb 2017, PANDORA caused a share buy-back program, cf. Firm announcement zero. 350. The share buyback programme is executed prior to Regulation (EU) Zero 596/2014 on the European Parliament and in the Council connected with 16 August 2014 in market maltreatment (market abuse regulation). The objective of the programme is always to reduce PANDORAs talk about capital so to meet responsibilities arising via employee reveal option shows. Under the programme PANDORA will certainly buy returning shares to get an amount around DKK JUST ONE, 800 million within the period from cheap pandora charms 7 Feb 2017 to 6 Feb 2018. While using transactions expressed above, PANDORA owns an overall of ONE, 764, 926 treasury stock shares, corresponding to help 1. 57% of the Company’s discuss capital.

In accordance with Regulation (EU) Very little 596/2014, all transactions in connection with pandora earrings sale the discuss buyback process are given you in comprehensive form from the spread sheet attached with this Corporation Announcement. PANDORA invitations institutional traders, equity analysts and also media in order to join PANDORA’s Money Markets Evening on 13 December 2017. Case will offer a strategic update as well as a review of key business areas all of which will be hosted by means of PANDORA account manager management and other members of pandora essence charms the Administration Board.

The afternoon will commence at 10: 30 WAS CET as well as being planned to pandora gift sets end with 5: 30 PM. The big event will happen at Mogens Dahl Koncertsal, Snorregade 23, 2300 Copenhagen. Using the giving presentations, participants are usually invited to attend a meal hosted by way of PANDORA presenters. A precise agenda are going to be distributed inside the weeks leading up to the daytime. PANDORA hereby studies transactions in shares simply by executive workers and strongly related parties in the PANDORA share. Peder Tuborgh, chairman in the board with directors, includes today ordered 1, 467 shares in a total price of DKK 995, 363 around PANDORA, now owns a complete of YOUR FIVE, 614 futures.
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