Tips for cleaning carpets

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Tips for cleaning carpets

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Tips for cleaning carpets

There are several tips to clean the carpet can be followed, including: [3] work a color test before you start cleaning the carpet, by moisturizing the white towel with the solution to be used in cleaning, and then placed on the area is not clear, Any color of carpet, it will be safe to use the solution on the entire carpet.

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Remove the furniture from the room as much as possible, and put the adhesive under the legs and bases of the remaining furniture to prevent stains.

Technises the carpet well, clean the stains before washing it, and can follow the printed instructions on the carpet cleaner.
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Use a cleaning machine on the carpet surface, but without pressing the carpet with the machine.

Clear cleaning solutions and foam from furniture legs and wood immediately, to prevent any damage.
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Make sure the room is well ventilated after cleaning, until drying is quick. Avoid walking on the carpet until it becomes completely dry.

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