Nike Mayfly Shoes discount

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Nike Mayfly Shoes discount

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Created back in 2003, the Nike Mayfly buy online was designed purely as a race day shoe, with the aim of lasting you out for 100 km of intense pavement pounding before its life would end, much like it’s aerial counterpart which is born, breeds, and dies all within a 24 hour period. The patterned detailing on the upper continues the running theme of the ‘One Day Fly’, reflecting the textured membrane that makes up it’s wing, also accentuated by the Parachute Nylon material used for the main skin. Shoe is incredibly light.

For example:
1. Nike Mayfly Woven Women's Sail-Red Stardust-Orchid 833802-101 Sneakers:A$95.49
Weave a new vibe into your everyday casual look with the Women's Nike Mayfly Woven Casual Shoes on your feet. The iconic racing flat gets a style-star makeover on this model, with an open weave detail on the suede upper.

2. Nike Mayfly Leather Leisure Shoes 816548-003 Premium Black-Dark Grey-Linen (A$95.49)
The Nike Mayfly Premium Men's Shoe elevates the iconic Nike marathon shoe with a two-tone breathable mesh upper and soft Phylon foam underfoot. Super lightweight comfort in a stylish leather design.
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