just turned around and he was gone

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just turned around and he was gone

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europe nfl shop The heartbroken wife of a Dublin man who died while snorkelling on their honeymoon has told his family how she turned around Super Bowl 2016 Jerseys,Cheap Jersey For Championship Season and he had disappeared.
Andrew Roddy, from Killester, died on Tuesday while swimming with his new wife Gill Campion in the Maldives. He had just turned 30.
His mother, Marion Roddy, said she was desperate to know why her only child, who was a strong swimmer Cheap Hockey Jerseys and "very fit," was taken away from her so suddenly.
Speaking to the Herald from her home, she said she couldn't come to terms with his sudden death.
She received the terrible news on Wednesday morning, when Gill rang her from the Indian Ocean archipelago, where the couple had been honeymooning.
wholesale nba all jersey basketball "Gill said they were out swimming and looking at dolphins or something," Marion said.
"She said: 'I turned around and Andrew was gone' and she didn't know how it happened because they were near each other at the time.
"I really don't know what happened, and I want to know. Andrew was very fit and he was a strong swimmer.
"I don't know if he had a heart attack or something, but he has no history of any heart trouble.
"Maybe he was stung by a jellyfish or something. I will have to wait for the post mortem to find out."
custom mlb jerseys china Marion spoke about how her son was always very active.
"Andrew has been very involved with sports all his life," she said, speaking through her tears.
"He got all sorts of medals playing for the schools and the local clubs. Anything to do with sport he loved, but it's all over now.
"He only turned 30 last week. It's an awful tragedy.
"They couldn't wait to get back from the honeymoon Soccer Jerseys Cheap - Leading Branded to tell me all about it. They were so excited," she added.
"They were due back on Monday and he said it was the best holiday he ever had.
"I never had a day's trouble with Andrew they say God only takes the best.
"They had a deposit put by for a house and were looking forward to their new lives together. He was a big tall lad. He was a big softie and he was loved by everyone."
Marion said Andrew had a health scare when his appendix burst while he was in college.
"The doctor said he was lucky they operated on time," she added.
"It was a scare at the time but he was fit and he came through it."
Andrew worked for the New Ireland Assurance group.
"He met Gill through work, and they were great together," Marion said.
"I hear his colleagues are all in shock and some of them had to go home they were so upset when they heard the news."
She said her thoughts were also with her son's wife, who has been left heartbroken in the Maldives.
"Gill's father flew out and was due to arrive today," she said.
"She's on her own over there and she hadn't seen Andrew since he was taken from the sea.
"She was so far away with Wholesale Jerseys nobody with her. It's terrible."
Andrew and Gill were married just two weeks ago and planned the honeymoon to be the holiday of a lifetime.
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