Duel Evolution as an entirely different card game loosely ba

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Duel Evolution as an entirely different card game loosely ba

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The preferred card is Cursed Bamboo Sword, which players send to the graveyard using Woodland Sprite’s effect and get a Bamboo Sword card from their deck to their hand.

Like the Pegasus and Yami Bakura events before it, the Paradox Brothers event forces gamers to collect duel gate keys by defeating other players in the Duel World to challenge the brothers. There are rewards that give Gems, coins and new cards after collecting enough points.

Duel Evolution cards are a set of Dark, Fiend-type monsters whose effects activate when they are discarded from the hand by you or your opponent. However, Duel Evolution effects don’t activate after every instance of being discarded.


The new Link monsters became essential to dueling, but that wasn’t the only thing fans discovered The entire field changed to make way for Link monsters and to change where Pendulum Monsters (the big addition to the yugioh games for pc TCG before Link Monsters) would be.

Finally, the card pool is an all-over-the-place mix of old and new, so Duel Evolution' monster archetypes—like Six Samurai, Naturia, Gladiator Beast, Lightsworn, Duel Evolution, and E-Hero—are missing crucial cards. These changes are so drastic that it makes more sense to think of Duel Evolution as an entirely different card game loosely based on Yu-Gi-Oh. It uses some newer cards, but it follows the 'tribute' format of the original series and feels even more restricted.

Being a God card, a player who successfully summons Slifer will enjoy numerous advantages that almost ensures his or her victory. The monster does not have a base attack and defense, but gets 1,000 to both for each card that the player has in hand. The monster also blocks the activation of monster effects and decreases the attack of all opponent's monsters by 2,000 points. Monsters whose attack is reduced to zero by this ability will instantly be destroyed.


card game yu gi oh, Now available in stores, each Structure Deck: Wave of Light includes a Beginner’s Guide, a Double-sided Yugioh Game Mat/Dueling Guide, 1 Token Card and 41 cards: 36 Commons, 3 Super Rares, and 2 Ultra Rares.

The Paradox Brothers will also appear in Duel World once in awhile, and you can duel them for free. However, this new event gives players an option to duel them at a higher or lower level.


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