I was given some interesting stats about Mafia City H5

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I was given some interesting stats about Mafia City H5

Сообщение duduxianzi » 20 июл 2018, 12:33

I was given some interesting stats about Mafia City H5, and I knew that my readers would have fun dissecting them. The game boasts 1,135,000 players, a daily average user rate of 13,000, and a monthly rate of 40,000. Of those players, 22 percent are converted into paying users (one of the highest numbers I have heard of), with each one of those paying players being worth about 95 dollars over their lifetime. The average lifetime value of new players is about $3.25. Remember that not everyone who pays necessarily converts into a premium, paid account.

As you can see from those numbers, Mafia City has a solid playerbase to jump off with. Will the Mafia City Game' similarities stifle growth? I'm not sure, but using Spacetime Studios' Pocket Legends and Star Legends as a guide, I suspect the success can be repeated even if the difference is mostly in the graphics department.

I can't wait for Mafia City. I was not enjoying myself that much in Mafia City H5 until I was able to understand how to play, so check out the handy new mafia crime player's guide to help you get started. It's also important to remember that while the iOS and Android clients for Mafia City H5 are on the same server, the browser version is an all-new server that is still fresh for conquering. I've rolled on both!
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