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Most people have lots of fun and excitement persuading fishing. Bass is no longer consumed as food by the majority of anglers but has made a successful entrance in the world of sports and the Americans constitute the maximum portion of bass fisher.
Since bass is no more treated as food so they are making an excellent target for fishing sport. Anglers catch basses Custom Usc Trojans Jersey , and released in tanks as soon as it is caught. They are treated for stress and injury to their slime coats, and then released back into the water. Anglers are seriously penalized for dead fishes in a contests or competition offline.
The increasing popularity of bass fishing offline is persuading the game developers to a bass fishing game online which can be bought or downloaded for free. Bass Masters Classic and SEGA Bass Fishing are the two tough bass fishing games that can be bought via the internet. The online fishing expeditions are endless when you choose the lake the hot spot, the species and even the weather. You can get yourself completely engrossed in a fishing quest alive with splashing fish jumping frogs dancing water bugs rippling water bouncing rod tips and the largest, toughest fighting bass ever created on a computer. You are also free from any kind of penalty in case any fish dies and are also far away from the fishy smells. Online Bass Fishing Games are programmed with different species of fish to maximize your fun.

Browsing net you will come across numerous free downloadable bass fishing games online and also paid Bass fishing games that are extremely affordable. These games allow you to fish to your heart?s content from the comfort of your home. Some of the games give you the chance to use LAN and vie against your friends or other acute cyber space anglers over the internet. You will also come across several websites that has the option to download a free version of a game that helps you make a correct decision.

Bass Fishing Games is sure to satisfy your craving for fishing both online as well as offline. But there is one plus point fishing online besides several other advantages and that is you can go for fishing even if it is not the season for bass. There are several exciting and realistic free bass fishing games available for you online that you can play from the comfort of your house.

BEIJING, Oct. 30 (Xinhua) -- Personal identification and contact details will be required in order to send parcels starting from next Monday as part of a new policy that has evoked concern nationwide.

The decision was announced as a security measure by the government earlier this month after several letter bombs killed at least seven people and injured dozens more in Liucheng County Custom Ucla Bruins Jersey , south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Sept. 30 and Oct.1.

Delivery service staff are also required to check the goods before packaging and all envelopes and parcels must be X-rayed.

"We will use the strictest measures to ensure the safety of packages," said Han Ruilin, an official with the State Post Bureau.

The new measure has created widespread concern over potential personal information leakage.

"After we gave birth to our babies, someone called us to promote baby care products. After we bought our cars, someone called to promote automobile accessories Custom Texas Longhorns Jersey ," said You Qian in Harbin, capital of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province.

She believed personalized monitoring of delivered goods would betray people's purchasing habits "so that people will know what to promote, or, worse, pose a risk to our personal safety."

Her anxiety is not ungrounded.

According to a report by the Internet Society of China released in July Custom South Carolina Gamecocks Jersey , more than 78 percent of web users reported their personal information such as real names, education, home address, ID card number and workplace had been leaked at some point.

Such leaks were responsible for scams and junk mail that resulted in economic losses of more than 80.5 billion yuan (about 12.7 billion U.S. dollars) last year, or roughly 124 yuan per person.

"If they know my mobile phone number Custom Penn State Nittany Lions Jersey , my ID card number and my address, they might be able to change my PayPal password," said Mao Wei, a resident in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province.

Chang Shan Custom Oregon Ducks Jersey , general manager of Arip Logistics in Xinyang, Henan Province, worries that clients will not cooperate.

"They don't want to show us their ID cards," he said.

Ma Shuping, a vendor on Alibaba's business-to-consumer platform Taobao Custom Oklahoma State Cowboys Jersey , said, "Supporting measures should also be taken to protect people's privacy."

Zhu Xuehai, research fellow with the Qinghai provincial institute of social sciences, noted that regulations should be drafted to further monitor enterprises and staff so that personal information will not be sold.

Regardless of the new regulation, Ma Shuping said she doesn't believe her business will be affected seriously by the new measure.

"E-commerce has become a trend in China Custom Oklahoma Sooners Jersey ," she said. "People might feel a little bit uneasy at the beginning, but their online shopping habits won't change."

By the end of June 2015, China had 668 million Internet users, 48.8 percent of the population. Total e-commerce transaction volume in 2014 surged 59.4 percent to 16.39 trillion yuan, nearing its goal of 18 trillion yuan by 2015.

In fact Custom Ohio State Buckeyes Jersey , big clients are already required to provide their real personal identification for some logistics companies.

In Xining, capital city of west China's Qinghai province, a courier surnamed Zhang told Xinhua that clients who are only required to settle their accounts once a month are asked to submit a copy of their ID cards.

"The copies are kept by our company, but we cannot see them," Zhang said. "In fact Custom Notre Dame Fighting Irish Jersey , the new measure is good both for us and our customers, although it makes our work more complicated. But who wants to see unwanted accidents?"

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