Why I rail against pseudo-science

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Why I rail against pseudo-science

Сообщение Donnieclark » 29 дек 2017, 08:28


I thought I better explain why I can’t just ignore it.
Firstly, I think some ideas (or memes) cause real harm in the real world. (I recognise this involves subjective opinion). My “agenda” for want of a better word is to promote critical thinking (for want of a less pretentious sounding sentence….lol). I try to encourage “good memes” and stamp all over bad ones basically.
A recent example of a pseudo-scientific post trying to marry quantum physics with consciousness in some Mystical way invoked Psychic abilities, religious ideas and other mumbo- Jumbo as supporting evidence. I think this is dishonest and methods to fool people into believing things like Psychic abilities are endorsed scientifically.
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