Лингвисчтические древности (верующим полезно читать на сон)

В этом подфоруме спорим с креационистами, обсуждаем противоречия научной и религиозной картин мира...

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Good quality sleep affects how we make decisions, interact and so on.. But numbers give some indication). His show directly undermined the rhetoric of Christian fundamentalism, and instead uplifted the human spirit of playful inquiry, friendship, and unconditional love..

cheap nhl jerseys An NFL season filled with "What's a catch?" intrigue included more in the biggest game of all, and the Eagles benefited twice.After defensive end Brandon Graham poked the football from Brady's hand on a sack for a fumble and turnover, Eagles kicker Jake Elliott drilled a 46 yard field goal with 1:05 to go. cheap nhl jerseys

Plenty of Dems are just glorified lobbyists, same as the GOP. Remember, this is the man who took part in the defeat of Trump original travel ban when he openly admitted what it was when he helped craft it.. That's your job and you you do your job there's no place for politics there right secretary ammunition even said something similar to the U you can pro Catherine that they you have the right to free speech.

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He was the hip young star of the series, I Spy, in the 1960's, appealing to both blacks and whites. Breathing resumes once carbon dioxide has sufficiently built up in your bloodstream to prompt your brain. As for Fjorm, Move back to P!Azura starting location, and P!Azura move back to the spot between Fjorm and Anna, then buff Fjorm and end turn.

cheap jerseys wholesale Some dog parks even have splash pools, lounging benches, and separate areas for large and small dogs.. One way to get access: Join a fan club. Beach ads you're saying don't. "Well yeah, he decided after listening to the officer that he didn want to go to jail, and he finally gave me back my money and then after he finally gave in and gave me my money the officer asked if I wanted to press charges and i did so he went to jail anyway". cheap jerseys

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Later in life, the actor who had become a devout Christian after a drunken driving accident almost killed him founded Christian Rescue Committee, now known as Christian Rescue Fund. Write Your Worries Away Journals for Stress ReliefWriting in a journal is a great way to express emotions rather than keeping them bottled up inside.

If you rule a nation, you may need an organized show of force in order to dominate and claim the submission of the rest. I think there also Welldyne and some others that cover most of what GoodRx doesn. Make sure that you take the time to research your tattoo.

cheap football jerseys But The Expanse is more in line with the type of space sci fi that always been popular. Just a different level of idea transmission and comprehension when the room is 80% tenured faculty and 20% noob PhD student you see how fast their brains can move when they not encumbered by having to communicate to students.. cheap football jerseys

cheap football jerseys If she expects other people to accept self diagnosis as "valid" then you have to define your standard for "valid" and very likely quickly end up in a world in which the very value of doctors giving diagnosis and treatment gets totally thrown out the door, which is the real insidious piece of this argumentation cheap nba jerseys.
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You are FREE to go to college or trade school and there is grant money to do that. Yeah, no. Sharp asked Bellamy to compose a Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. They would then don their armor, mount their battle ready horses, and reached for their spears they were then ready to ride over the earth.

cheap nba jerseys He did marry an Indian woman named Mamate, and they had one son, named Paukeesaa. Slice your tomatoes thin and keep them chilled in a plastic bowl in the refrigerator until you get ready to add them to your cheeseburger.. The world is a massive chaotic thing that will toss you aside if it deems you unimportant or make every attempt to ruin you if you contribute to it. cheap nba jerseys

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cheap nfl jerseys It just so happens that the kids with better nutrition are growing up in more affluent families with higher quality education, better health care and a host of other possibly influences.. I know of some departments where the officer waits to mask up but the back seat guys go ahead and put their mask on. wholesale jerseys

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The symptoms fevers brash red eyes are content to buy this joint pain muscle pain. You can add some window clings and they can create their own little world on their windows for several minutes of amusement. For a county this size, it sad how few quality stores there are.

cheap mlb jerseys Denny Hamlin's car failed a post race inspection after Indianapolis and the team got slammed with major fines and penalties including the loss of 75 owner and driver points, crew chief Darian Grubb getting fined $125,000 and six race suspensions for Grubb and the car chief. cheap ncaa jerseys

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But, use the notebook to review recently mastered times tables about once or twice per day. First) I just a coach in the state; and Second) I am but one man who happens to be a bloody brilliant oracle. You also figure neither team has a strong bullpen and depth will be limited due to this being the second game today.

cheap nfl jerseys PARTICULARLY if the attempt to endow that fetus with rights tramples the rights of the mother to make decisions regarding her own medical care.. Who knows. I pray she is not the replacement for the next two weeks. A kangaroo sparring with the pin. Weve basically found my posterior chain is weak compared to the anterior. cheap nfl jerseys

1 point submitted 1 day agoThe issue is the fact that if a skin is poor, as long as riot will take time to change it to something the community likes better, we don mind waiting for the changesBut they will either not change it at all, or press ahead with their own ideasI get they have their own schedules to work around too so it makes sense, but when it for champs that rarely get skins, and community concepts have been better, it sucks knowing that your main champ won get a skin for a long time, and the one you get was sub parkazuyaminegishi 9 points submitted 2 days agoGG MF is an exception not a rule, she was a situation in which the community was validated in their complaint of the skin quality and her price was reduced due to that she didn hit all of the marks for an ultimate skin.
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(I used MDF and plywood)1"x2" stringersFastenersNails or Screws, and GlueToolsSaws (jig, table, band or circular)HammerScrewdriverDrillLevelWe should start by cutting out the vertical supports. Saying that would obviously result in a huge international outcry, just like when he said that there won be a two state solution under him.

That to say nothing of the jaw dropping camerawork, the slick editing, the amazing performances, or the bumpin soundtrack.. Runners face a climb of nearly 6,000 feet (1.83 kilometers) [source: Time]. In English Association Football (Soccer) Nevill, Newell Gale (1996) observed significant home advantage when larger crowds were present.

cheap nhl jerseys And that's just those two teams; if Daga and Steve Pain add anything (and they should) this could be a show stealer.. And here we are 30 years later and the most salient and easily identifiable and for lots of people the only feature of our culture is a joke accent. cheap nhl jerseys

cheap china jerseys I designed the Luca Pouch because I wasn't feeling the typical diaper bag. When the child is not placed in the 'golden child' position, and has begun to question the CNPD parent's behaviors and parenting, the CNPD usually rejects the child with great prejudice, and will blame this on their ex as 'alienating the child'. cheap china jerseys

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Fair point. And likely, it went up Pikes Peak when it was 100% paved, which once they did that it opened up things like formula cars and other track cars to enter. If you don want to add more to your community, reduce water temperature and perform more water changes.

For example of I say to a medical student examine the front of the hand, there could some confusion in semantics. When you minimize eating during the day, and only have one main meal, your mind is more focused and more alert. Personally I prefer to eat fresh over dried, and an easy calculation is to simply multiply the dry dose weight by 10, ie if you want to take 1/8th oz (3.5g) dry, take 10/8th oz (1.25oz or 35g) fresh.

cheap nhl jerseys I got kicked out of two colleges. Too much salt, and this process can cause a really bad chain reaction: Your cells will be depleted of moisture, your kidneys will shut down and your brain will become damaged. Bush. In some ways, Trump should be expected to be better at this: He has a media savviness unlike his predecessors he comes from the world of TV and he's revolutionized, for good or ill, the use of social media in politics. cheap nhl jerseys

cheap jerseys Like i get that not everybody can afford routine medical care and idk if she was even eligible for medicaid at the time, but if you at risk of dying you should be getting medical treatment instead of buying every fyrinnae shadow and LE palette.. Tunes like "Sweet Jane," from the group's 1970 album "Loaded," have become rock standards. cheap authentic jerseys

cheap jerseys 2nd largest standing army on Earth. I grew so tired of that archetype as a child, especially as someone who was the victim of some serious child abuse by those sorts of people. Then the government can do what it wants. From this, he concluded that freely falling objects experience uniform acceleration regardless of mass, as long as extraneous forces, such as air resistance and friction, can be minimized.. cheap jerseys

For a while, I had a Schwinn with headlights and a horn built in; all battery operated. 11 points submitted 8 hours agoThe Rapture is not a popular concept here and questions like yours tend to get the answers you see here. However, the categorization of art history into various periods, although arbitrary, makes it easier to understand the development.

cheap nba jerseys Here are some of Major League Baseball's biggest scandals:. The only other place in Europe i spent time was Amsterdam and it was also great. This event happened almost 9 years ago now and she still an indispensable employee.. So I call for help from the staff (baring in mind I can barely speak Chinese) and this is where my extra chromosomes kick in cheap nba jerseys.
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You will roll up the visquine around the furring strips and nail it to the wood area of the home. To answer your question; I keep them and try to give them a good life. They just say "hi" to each other, but it's implied they live happily ever after we think..

He likes racing down mountains and this is worth doing because on the one hand he gets his kicks and on the other hand his life really has a meaning. He got pap, skop (head of a cow, sheep or goat) and gravy on special days. They didn have any counseling or gave any advice.

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cheap chian jerseys Story highlightsCubs fans Steve Bartman became a symbol of his team's collapse in 2003He all but vanished; a friend says he still receives threats(CNN)Chicago Cubs diehard Steve Bartman, who came to symbolize the team's crushing defeat in the 2003 National League Championship Series, was probably glued to the TV on Saturday night."No doubt that he will be watching," Frank Murtha, a longtime friend and spokesman for Bartman, told CNN before the game.The Cubs beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 5 0 Saturday to win the National League Championship Series and advance to the World Series against the Cleveland Indians in their quest for their first Major League Baseball championship in 108 years.Thirteen years ago, Bartman sat in Wrigley Field's stands in a green turtleneck and headphones over his Cubs cap during Game 6 of the NLCS. cheap jerseys wholesale

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But because the winning team could have 1 4 players alive, that reduces the number of kills by 1 4. We'll crown a winner. People walking past without the passenger's seat Q cuddly dog and come up and penalty cannot he sees them as if something's he has the search.

cheap jerseys You hear all kinds of excuses from both sides, but mainly people don want to work at what they are shitty at. I think a small business school like this that teaches people how to survive off the grid and independently would really make it. This adds a middleman to the stream, decreasing quality and increasing lag.. cheap chian jerseys

That was 18 years before he died fo real.. I recommend you to have a glass of water next to you after you finish your session. But I watched WWE events there and it was pretty badass, and only a little bit trashy. First a big shoutout to /u/kstatepdt for being there in the weeks leading up to the mock draft and for every round whenever he could to discuss the different picks and trades.

My heart sang. Someone will always be willing to go to those lengths.. It helps a lot to think in your head about how the characters are going to interact and try to make it believable to the audience (unless the goal is merely some basic fan wish fulfillment on your own part).

cheap authentic jerseys As the morning progressed, a 12 year old rider snapped his wrist and, less than an hour later, an Olympic snowboarder joined him in the ski patrol medical center. A particle is relativistic when its rest mass and its kinetic energy is at least twice its rest mass cheap authentic jerseys.
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Jimmy.Like you said Jimmy was throwing to rookies and scraps (I would argue it a little better group than you give them credit for), but it also hasn changed much. There a lot of subtle effort in later Church tradition/theology to minimize the Jewishness of Christian patriarchs.

cheapjerseys Really sad because he been excellent all season and I was impatient to see how he would play for the national team in the world cup. My brother was pretty affectionate, but my cousin felt it was iffy. High school jock getting the girls to do his homework, having his friends sneak and wait outside windows so he can pass exam books through, breaking into the school on two occasions and then stealing a filing cabinet with exam papers in it and setting up a fake office and calling a locksmith.. cheapjerseys

And that's not to say Alberto's match with Cage was bad; it was really good. So what happens if you have health insurance through your employer but are laid off from your job? Thanks to the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA), your employer may be required to continue your health coverage for a limited amount of time.

No. Various oral rehydration solutions are also recommended by doctors and if the condition is severe, intravenous fluids are given. I would not leave camp with it in there, but that would keep it secure when not right in your hand and would be less surprising to someone who walked up by mistake..

cheapjerseys To use the vector files created in the previous step with the laser cutter we had access to (laserpro 3000) we exported them as EPS files (version 8). Europe has a set of primary interests which to us have none; or a very remote relation. This dictates the trend for women to deposit fat around their hips, thighs and buttocks, whereas for men fat often goes straight to their belly.". cheap jerseys wholesale

wholesale jerseys Pets who come to the door may not be as happy to see your little trick or treater as he is to see them. I think CSU struggles with this at first and makes some in game adjustments to slow down the Oregon State ground attack. This is possible because such people have positive attitude towards life. wholesale jerseys

cheap authentic jerseys "The first question is if Democrats can take the undeniably stronger turnout in most of these special elections. From there you look at basic level which makes everyone better at everything with some experience behind them.. People expect better gifts. cheap authentic jerseys

There are days I really love having her and I feel like she my back bone.. Asked about that, he said:"Well, I don't think of them as criticisms. Which is also partnering up with marble on the snow okay so what Sony did a couple years ago was saying here.

Honestly the way that we learned how to do multiplication and other operations was needlessly complicated with all the number carrying, but it was better than our parents generation, which had to memorize multiplication tables on top of learning slow operations..

cheap ncaa jerseys There is a bit of learning curve since many things still need to be done from the command line, and there are some new concepts being introduced, but I can see how this isn an instant game changer in the crypto landscape. The difference between 2.0 percent and 2.5 percent may not seem like much. cheap jerseys

cheap mlb jerseys First, I smoke free now (almost two years!) and won have that hurdle to get over. Sure, we lose some on the defensive end, but we were having our worst defensive performance of the season anyway, so who cares? At least then you can get to work on the other end, and maybe you can rattle the UMBC players in the process.. cheap nfl jerseys

cheap china jerseys Anyway, you want to heat up a pan, or anything, and just pour a little Dr. The agency announced that it would soon release its "reasoned decision," which it did on October 10.. No. And since Vipassana is all about perceiving (but not reacting to!) bodily sensation, writing about that experience adds a layer of analytic distance that the meditation practice is trying to circumvent.. cheap china jerseys

It's also not recommended to inbreed anything quite to that level. We all bundled. Back in 2005, according to the FBI's annual crime rankings, Memphis was number two in the country for the rate of violent crime in major cities, and in 2006 it reached the number one spot.
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For certain cars, a move of.01 in the final drive or 1 in tire pressure may cause EVO to drop a large number of points. Most elements are exact sized by pixel, not dynamic to the text, so you would get text either running out the side of the containing UI elements, or wrapping improperly and misaligning everything.

I love it so far!. I am afraid we can't prove it one way or another. It would be in 1956 that a proper program for hearing conservation was implemented in the Air Force, and more broadly for the military, the Korean War would be passed by when the Armed Services Committee on Hearing and Bioacoustics released their December 1953 report titled "Biological Effects of Noise Exploratory Study", or BENOX for short.

cheap nfl jerseys Try it on and make sure it actually works for you and that it fits how you want it to fit. People just aren't into reading five thousand word articles on the web!. Battlefield always has server issues keeping people from playing the game. I been an animal owner my whole life, this is the first time I ever have connected with one like this. cheap nfl jerseys

About 10, 11 days, though sadly I pinned 3.5 days apart in each delt before the vials crashed, so it was 2 weeks total of suffering. You don't want to mess with the temperature or lose the steamy fabulous goodness out of the pot. You have no idea. So many things to do there (both city and nature) and the food is incredible.

cheap football jerseys The info is getting here faster than anywhere (including the official forums btw, which is something I trying to solve).And there are plenty of times that I have insisted that we will write something out in great detail as opposed to revealing it exclusively through YouTube, so I trying to find a respectful balance that hits all types of people, and also honors the work that these Game Changers do.My counter is also that I have responded numerous times on Reddit to confirm something or to let people know the status of an item, or that a fix is coming, and then not gone and shared it all over the other types of media so it the kind of thing that can get overwhelming for me pretty quickly if I have be the one disseminating it. cheap authentic jerseys

cheap nfl jerseys On another occasion Socrates spoke to a wealthy Athenian known as Meno. Playwright David Katz and another person went to the apartment and found him dead, the official said.. sold a million copies in this first week and it's been you know does not very many artists who can do that. cheap nhl jerseys

cheap jerseys wholesale We'll be back.. Pair it with a glass of red wine. Her 3 year old daughter, who had been in the car with her, was unharmed."This was not an act of terrorism," said Brett Zimmerman, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department deputy chief. This one is REALLY hard to understand from the outside looking in. cheap jerseys wholesale

cheap china jerseys FULL POSTThere is a deep feeling of trauma in Gaza, Peter Maurer, president of the International Committee of the Red Cross, told CNN's Fred Pleitgen from Gaza City."Traumatization is everywhere," Maurer said. People expect the demand to be high, they do whatever they can to meet that demand, if it goes down do you really think anyone knows why? Maybe we should have more critical thinking and analysis instead of just putting it down to "the main character isn female" or something simplistic. cheap china jerseys

cheap authentic jerseys Some people call it complex, I call it vague, confusing, contradicting and outdated... (Fury) etc. Not just the listings. I can get the hesitation to take Miller, but to say you be ok with taking him in the 4th round is ridiculous.Finally, you say the early rounds should be used for LB OL, yet you said before that you want Ridley or Moore. cheap mlb jerseys

This is a do or die time for them, they can keep raising money like this forever (althrough they probably feel like they have to cause of how intense the chinese market is). Dishes are presented to judges Donatella Arpaia and Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, and one competitor is sent home..

cheap nhl jerseys The website says that there are almost 2.5 million images that cover about 79% of the land. Reporter: What do you make of this deal? Reckless, totally reckless. (Critics of Bakker who I spoke with claim that he cannot own the property because the IRS revoked PTL's tax exempt status in 1988, and the ministry still owes $6 million in back taxes.) cheap nhl jerseys.
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Same as Hall job wasn to care about breaking the law but help Axe get away with breaking it, that not a good excuse. Then put the other in a dark place away from light. Primarchs are back which is cool, launching crusades and shit which is cool, but it also undeniably changes that premise that humanity is barely holding on.

cheap nfl jerseys All my teammates went down the pipes and later I was able to pull a handle to open the door again. This information helped me a lot for my exams and at the same time i came to get awared what is the importance to prohibit chid labour and how can we do it thank you so much. cheap ncaa jerseys

Yes you are what is so special about wasting time parodying a song which doesn even apply to the situation. It's time to rethink what industry has force fed us through advertising and what our fathers and forefathers believed.. I was blunt but never straight to the point.

I'm not saying that Jimmy Page isn't creative, I'm only saying that Jeff Beck explored a wider range of musical styles than Page has, and with the 1974 recording Blow By Blow, Jeff Beck showed the world what a creative jazz improvisational genius he can be whenever he desires to be..

cheap nfl jerseys Free Images Over 6,000 high quality free stock images in 78 categories are available on this site. Torque matters, but what propels you is power which is just Torque x rpm/5252. Went back when I found out I could just turn the difficulty down mid game and continued having no idea where I was until I eventually caught up. cheap football jerseys

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. Also, anyone who lives in an area that dense with Pokstops and "elite" Pokmon (because you know, they're so extremely abundant. If i quit gaming at this point in my life i have nothing to do. The M9 also has some unique features including a built in analog antenna, enabling TV playback and FM radio playback as well.

cheap authentic jerseys That race in just this morning team USA winning another gold medal they go to Amy and young chain who had at all for a good morning Amy. Or in other words, lots of people at that salary band are fleeing Vancouver. Just put a little tea tree oil on your arms and/or carry some dryer sheets around with you and the mosquitoes will stay away. cheap chian jerseys

Three of the most common medicines recommended to get rid of fever are acetaminophen, aspirin, and ibuprofen. The Mack and Cage have some unfinished business after their lockerroom brawl from a few weeks ago. You were barely in the classroom, but say you love teaching.

cheap china jerseys About 14,000 spectators attended last year's parade, and organizers expect that number to grow this year.Regarded among many as a more fan oriented alternative to San Diego Comic Con, DragonCon has grown since its inception in 1987, taking over more of downtown Atlanta each year as organizers add panels to accommodate growing interest in all things fan related. cheap china jerseys

It didn matter that out play group was 50/50 male female. Reporter: She fell off the balcony into the frigid waters below. You could argue about keeping him versus Godoy, but i think you be hard pressed to find anyone in the fanbase who would kept Ceren over Godoy after last season.

cheapjerseys Like most of our team here, I am European myself and football has been a big passion growing up. It's finally let out an honorable Ireland I had food. It only promotes more of the same thing, it builds a rape culture in which people now feel they can rape as revenge. cheapjerseys

cheapjerseys I want to talk about those times I was a good sister. I admire a lot of you and have learned much about trading in shorter timeframes but just haven't found a strategy that I feel is truely repeatable. Whilst there are no surviving works dedicated to the war itself, it is known that Hades was vital in bringing the Titanomachy to a close. cheapjerseys

cheap nba jerseys Now excuse me, I have assignments to grade."Either unity or cyclone shoulder. The board, bushings and wheels absorb most of the vertical force (as well as the well time squat so its not all at once) but image doing that same jump without the board, at the same speed and trying to land on your feet without rolling out cheap nba jerseys.
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At stake are more than the American manufacturing jobs President Donald Trump vows to protect at rallies around the country. Do not consider these tips unchallenged truths. Ask developers would make your job easier for example. When I reply to DMs, my text box gets blocked off by the keyboard.

cheap mlb jerseys 5 Say no to destructive uses of your backThink twice before you help the plumber carry the washing machine. In 1955, they retired and bought a cinema hall.. In 1744 John Newbery published the first book for children "A Little Pretty Pocket Book" (Russell, 2009). cheap mlb jerseys

Diamante Azul (CAN YOU BELIEVE PEOPLE ACTUALLY THOUGHT THAT SHOULD HEADLINE OVER THIS MATCH?!) paid off. You be left with a few gung ho Orcs, fine with evil for money Goblins, the more twisted part of the Forsaken and a few extreme outliers from each race..

wholesale jerseys The thermotropic material injected into the stone of the ring reacts to body temperature, allowing the gem to change color based on "mood". He frequently spars bigger guys, injuring them. More importantly, these are the expressions that are considered private and genuine. wholesale jerseys

cheap authentic jerseys "C cupcakes" "I love cupcakes, let me see what you have there" I reach my phallic hand over and open the virginal box this poor woman is holding. I then slap a million pounds on the table for David, sit there for the entire 45 seconds of the fight, and pray that he doesn die.. cheap authentic jerseys

If there is anything positive to come out of this it a coincidence. Oh, he's large, but the most of it is extreme muscle on a very big frame. (Just not the delay in enforcing it.) Had Bourdais made a better effort to stay on the track, like hesitating before crossing the line, then I could understand why race control would have bent the rules.

Re using a nice pallet is satisfying for several reasons. UofT will test you, it not particularly easy. grounds. I replied that I fully intended to hang up at the 5 minute mark. Men's room was always paint by numbers with grossness, women's always seemed to be more creative..

With the average student bearing $31,000 in loans upon graduation it is safe to say my situation is more representative than yours. Remember that the Steelers did struggle in their only road game this year by winning by only three points at Cleveland.

He was very comfortable with them and it was reminiscent of how he talks when doing a rally. I don think this is fast enough though. Saturday It was named no later than the second century for the planet (Saturn),which controlled the first hour of that day according to Vettius Valens (was a second century Hellenistic astrologer).

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Travel doesn always have to be about hitting the highlights and doing the "must see" attractions, sometimes just taking it easy for a few days and spending time with some good people will change everything. A Sensor Bar, or "control strip" must be placed above or below the user's television to monitor the position of the controller.
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I want to restate that the views expressed in this article are my own opinions. Or your best friend has gone away to college and you miss this person already. Who is close friends with Colbert, took the ribbing lightly, saying that his father always told him that the mark of a good night is any one that ends in laughter.Dolan also quoted Colbert from an event on Catholics and comedy led by both men at Fordham University in the Bronx last year.sense of humor comes from faith, a faith that everything is in God providential hands, a faith that frees us up to laugh.

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I was knocked down in the first round. During these ceremonies anyone who wants to watch can do so, those who want to participate must follow a vegetarian diet for some time before. Problem, of course, is that jeans are inherently casual, tie inherently dressy they on the opposite ends of the spectrum so it can easily look incoherent.

Nationalist expressions arose again in 1916 1924, during the American (USA) occupation of the country. They were more interesting people, but they were so awful on the feeds that it was just intolerable. As she jumped from the slab into the water, her body slid into my, causing me to fall into the river.

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An Ordnance officer he was in charge of supplying and maintaining the Brigade's firearms (and cannon, if a battery was attached). He doesn even keep his hands up, and uses range as his defence. It is the new technology in these cars and by the way we are on a closed parking lot to show you in that really worries the aaa.

With language barriers and other problems that can develop, it can be an ordeal just trying to get into a group where you aren't going to all perish horribly in a giant black widow's web.. After all, we blame athletes for almost every mistake they make off the pitch unless there hard evidence they weren to blame why not give them credit for when they get something right?parentsaccount12 17 points submitted 1 month agoyeah.
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Пока это прочитаешь и вправду уснешь, даже если ты не верующий.
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